Run in the rain and domestic bliss

Today is a day of domestic bliss. Getting some laundry done and making some yummy food.

 Now I just need my man back from the east coast. 

What is the opposite of thirsty thursday?

I almost didn’t get up for spin class. I already wanted to go back to sleep then Artemis cuddled up to me and i soooo wanted to skip spin but then i thought about having to tell my trainer i didn’t go and that ill be gone next week so yea….


I got my butt up and went……and wanted to die.  Spin class instructors are sadistic. But they get me to push above and beyond so yea.


Take a moment to enjoy and experience this. ……a completely empty locker room at the gym. For like a FULL MINUTE. This is unheard of at my gym.

Exhaustion does not cover what i feel. 4 workouts in 48 hours. I am so taking tomorrow off workouts. I am still going to bed early even though i get to ‘sleep in’ tomorrow.


They have these for dogs!!!! 3 flavors where on sale at target so i got 1 of each for Artemis to try. Tonight with her kibble she had pumpkin and oat puree. She enjoyed it.

Another thing we must acknowledge


It was not fully dark when i left work tonight!!!!!!!! The light is coming back!!! I am sooo stoked!

How was your Thursday?

Are you as exhausted as i am?

My bed feels like heaven.


Happy Thursday!!

Today was a pretty good day overall. I got up and made it to spin class today whichwas awesome and totally killed me.



Started off really well this morning!!


I start half marathon training next week!!! I need to do a post about all my planned races.


When i dont walk for an hour a red bar appears and my garmin buzzes at me.


Dinner was homemade pizza!!! Though i ate 1 more slice than i should have lol.


Yay i hit my goal!!!!

And i figured out the calories. That is how many calories i have burned all day, including just living, breathing, and body function. 

Ok sleep time for me!

Have you ever made homemade pizza?

Do you sleep in silence, with music, with TV or what?
I do tv with the light dimmed or music.