Run in the rain and domestic bliss

Today is a day of domestic bliss. Getting some laundry done and making some yummy food.

 Now I just need my man back from the east coast. 

Odds and ends from the week

I fed a cow

Woke my dog up from a nap

Had one of these deliciously terrible cookies….ok, more than one. 

Tried to balance the cookies and candy with healthy snacks.

Filmed my crazy dog

Talked too fast lol. I am reading Holly Madison’s book about living in the playboy mansion. 

Tried to talk while running

Back home

I had an amazing time, obviously hahaha, but it is so good to be home. But I am not going to lie it took a few weeks for me to get back into my normal rhythm. Even now I am just starting to get a running regimen back down. And even with taking melatonin and not sleeping on the flight back, it took a good week to get back to a normal sleep pattern.

I am taking all the puppy cuddles I can get. I missed my little girl so much but she did pretty good which is awesome.

I am taking all the cuddles and fun I can get from my man as well. I missed him a lot. I can’t wait to travel with him.

We had a fun fall day of taking a country drive, picked out pumpkins, ate some caramel corn, and carved pumpkins while watching “Pet Cemetery”. Oh and the boyfriend made an AMAZING roast that I have been living on for the past week. Finally finished the last bit for lunch today.

He makes me pretty happy.

Trying to get back to smoothies or juice for breakfast. Been using the bits and pieces that I have to make it all though, I need to get a good grocery shopping trip in soon.

Got my run on. The days right now are pretty nice. I anticipate another run tomorrow.

Using C25k (couch to 5k) to get my butt moving and in the groove again. Fun fact: this is how I started running in the first place! It is a free app, you should try it!!! Thankfully it isn’t as hard this time as it was my first time hahahaha, but now instead of struggling to finish 60 seconds of jogging I am struggling by making myself run a few minutes faster than I normally would so I am still winded by the 3rd interval hahaha and never quite recover completely until the end.

Enjoying the foliage here in Oregon………or should I say the death of the trees. It’s so pretty!!!!!

And yes, I am enjoying my fair share of pumpkin spice coffee!!!!!

Run like Hell 5k Review


This is a very late post but here is my review for the Portland Run like Hell 5k.

Costumes were optional but the majority of people dressed up which made it so much fun!


My roommate and i dressed up as Batman and Robin.

Check in and packet pickup was pretty effortless for this race, it was very well organized. They had a small bag drop as well which was much appreciated becuase it was a little chilly and i had not bought a throw away jacket. They also provided some small snacks and water before the race which i was thankful for. There were a lot of porta poties, all clean, so very few lines.

The race itself was super fun, it ran through downtown Portland and was well maintained and coordened off. At about 2 miles they had an aid station which had water, some kind of electrolyte drink and were offering energy gels also if wanted, i split one with my roommate so we could make it through and speed up at the end.

After the race they had beer of course but they also had CIDER!!!


That made me happy and i was tipsy after 1.5 ciders, dont worry i wasn’t driving. They also were handing out chips, and peanut butter toast, and Cliff Bars. They were well stocked.


All in all our little group (there were 5 of us) had a blast!!! We all signed up for the Bridge to Brews 10k so we will see you in April!!!


Carra, my roommate, purchesed the medal to commemorate her first 5k!

Also even though i felt great and wasn’t really trying, i PR’d by about 20 seconds!!! Yay for training.

Here are a few of my stats.

Check out that hear rate! woot woot!

5k race recap


As you’ll see in my insane videos i was supposed to run my 2nd 5k in the winter 5k race series but didn’t.

As you’ll see in this video i did like 2 minutes after i got off the treadmill i was a little out of it. Directly post hard run my brain is a little foggy. My 5k that was in the 41:00 range was in December not January as this is January lol.

So i actually only beat my best time by 13 seconds but i will take it! Any improvement is improvement.

It didnt help that im not feeling 100% and that  i may have eatin pizza last night…….and this morning.


We got our barkbox!!!



She is already liking the hippie toy.
We did a lot of sleeping and cuddling today which was really nice.






It was sooooo sweet!!!!


My trusty garmin……i LOVE it!!! I would like to take another minute to thank my aunt for in essence being my sponser and helping me finance it.

How was your Saturday?
If you have run a 5k what is your PR?

Race review**5k winter series December race

So the 5k race series i signed up for had the first race this past Saturday.


Here is the link.

It was a pretty small race which was really nice. Pretty good swag for a 5k. A long sleeve t-shirt, they put a December patch on it and will add a January and February patches and those races.

They actually had a good amount of food for a 5k as well; bagels, oranges, dave’s killer bread with butter, and some kind of pastry as well as coffee.


Thankfully my new long workout pants had just arrived from fabletics on Friday so i got to stay pretty warm in freezing cold weather.

It was an out and back course with about half of it in a park which was nice. There was one aid station on the course but because it was out and back you got to pass ot twice which was really nice. At the finish line they had gluckos water (or however that energy stuff is spelled).

Post race they had Einstein bagel egg, cheese and bacon, sausage or spinach sandwiches that were awesome!!! It was perfect for post race food!

Overall i was very impressed for a 5k and am really looking forward to the next two races.


5k Race Review


So on Saturday i ran the Shoc 5K to support ovarian cancer research.


We started and ended at the Gladstone Harley dealer! Thank you Harley Davidson!


The route was really nice, went through some foresty, shaded areas.

There were 2 water stations on the 5k which was really nice but i wish they had spread them farther apart, i was dying for 2 miles then got two water stations in the last mile.

Other than that i liked it.


We got breakfast afterwards! Pancakes, eggs and sausage. There were also bagels and bananas and coffee and water.


Crossing the finish line!!! I ran it in 44:46, which was a 14:28/mile average. That is by no means fast but i am happy with it.
I really liked that not long after i crossed the finish line i got text telling me my time. That was awesome!
Also got an email with a finishers certificate. Personally i reallt liked that.

I’ll be rocking my race shirt at work on Monday 😄

Overall i enjoyed the race, i could tell it was a little bit of a lower budget/smaller operation but i still really enjoyed it. I think I’ll be back next year!!!

Oooh and i got one of the sponsors to evaluate my running gait and tell me i had good shoes for my running! Yay!!!