Monday Motivation**September 4, 2017


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Goodbye August and Hello September!!

Wow August flew by. 

School: My final ‘opens’ online today and closes on the 6th so lots of studying going on over here. This basically means I can take my final anytime in the next 2 days. It is online, 100 cumulative questions and I have 82 minutes to complete it. Whatever I have done will submit after 82 minutes. After that I am done for a few months! I will think of it as winter vacation hahahahaha.

Food and Fitness: In the next 2 weeks I am trying to get as much food bought, made, frozen and prepped as possible. When I get back from the cruise my budget will be even more restricted. I will by trying to save a bit to go toward my expensive CNA class come January, my BF and I are trying to find a place to move into together which will also cost money and of course I need to continue to work on paying my roommate back as she paid upfront for 95% of my Europe costs so I owe her about 2 grand still. Oh the joys of being poor. But overall in my life I can’t complain too much, my life could be so much worse, so I choose to not stress about my debt and instead slowly chip away at it.

As far as workouts go, if I get a workout in before I finish my final, great, but I am not banking on it so my goal this week is 3-4 workouts.

10 days and counting to europe!!!!!

Monday Motivation**August 28, 2017


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Things are good over here. Did good on workouts this past week. Was about 2 miles under the goal I set but that is ok, those goals are if I have the perfect week (which never really happens hahaha) but I think I am on point to hit my month mile goal. I am a little less than 5 miles from my goal and the last day of the month is Thursday……I got this. Hahahaha!

I am not losing weight as fast as I was when I was doing mostly juice….obviously but I am still toning up and the weight is slowly coming off with the running. I am letting myself splurge and indulge here and there but I am making sure that my running is matching it. I am loving watching my mileage climb. I am also loving the short quick runs where I push it to try and increase my speed. It is a chore sometimes to get myself out the door but I never regret it hahahaha.

What are your workout goals this week?

Did you set one for the month of August? Will you hit it?

Start thinking about goals for September!!!!

Europe prep

Holy Guacamole!!!! I leave for Europe in about 7 weeks! That snuck up quickly. Europe prep is in full swing over here, we have one day were we take the train 4 different times (we are cramming in everything we can) so we just bought our train tickets for that day so that we don’t need to worry about navigating ticket counters or worrying about currency when we are on a strict time table, a gondola ride has been booked and paid for for Venice, a coliseum tour has been booked and paid for for Rome. We are prepaying what we can so we don’t have to worry as much about spending money when we are over there.

That is my quick Europe update now lets talk about normal things.

July is over!! I got some good mileage in (good for me at least hahaha) my goal for next month is 46 miles!

Got my juicing in though I switched it up, morning juice was green

and afternoon was orange-ish


Artemis enjoyed another bone I bought her at the beach

I made 2 new running calendar things for me to keep track of my running as I want to start really building up my miles.


the first one is super simple to see me month mileage progress and keep me honest, a quick something to look at, like an at-a-glance thing

the 2nd one is a bit more in depth to really dive into each run and analyze the week. I want to get used to doing this so next year I can buy a running training journal thing and know I will actually keep up with it so I don’t waste the money.

And i found this to put on my wall to remind me to stretch

Run like Hell 5k Review


This is a very late post but here is my review for the Portland Run like Hell 5k.

Costumes were optional but the majority of people dressed up which made it so much fun!


My roommate and i dressed up as Batman and Robin.

Check in and packet pickup was pretty effortless for this race, it was very well organized. They had a small bag drop as well which was much appreciated becuase it was a little chilly and i had not bought a throw away jacket. They also provided some small snacks and water before the race which i was thankful for. There were a lot of porta poties, all clean, so very few lines.

The race itself was super fun, it ran through downtown Portland and was well maintained and coordened off. At about 2 miles they had an aid station which had water, some kind of electrolyte drink and were offering energy gels also if wanted, i split one with my roommate so we could make it through and speed up at the end.

After the race they had beer of course but they also had CIDER!!!


That made me happy and i was tipsy after 1.5 ciders, dont worry i wasn’t driving. They also were handing out chips, and peanut butter toast, and Cliff Bars. They were well stocked.


All in all our little group (there were 5 of us) had a blast!!! We all signed up for the Bridge to Brews 10k so we will see you in April!!!


Carra, my roommate, purchesed the medal to commemorate her first 5k!

Also even though i felt great and wasn’t really trying, i PR’d by about 20 seconds!!! Yay for training.

Here are a few of my stats.

Check out that hear rate! woot woot!

5k race recap


As you’ll see in my insane videos i was supposed to run my 2nd 5k in the winter 5k race series but didn’t.

As you’ll see in this video i did like 2 minutes after i got off the treadmill i was a little out of it. Directly post hard run my brain is a little foggy. My 5k that was in the 41:00 range was in December not January as this is January lol.

So i actually only beat my best time by 13 seconds but i will take it! Any improvement is improvement.

It didnt help that im not feeling 100% and that  i may have eatin pizza last night…….and this morning.


We got our barkbox!!!



She is already liking the hippie toy.
We did a lot of sleeping and cuddling today which was really nice.






It was sooooo sweet!!!!


My trusty garmin……i LOVE it!!! I would like to take another minute to thank my aunt for in essence being my sponser and helping me finance it.

How was your Saturday?
If you have run a 5k what is your PR?