5k race recap


As you’ll see in my insane videos i was supposed to run my 2nd 5k in the winter 5k race series but didn’t.

As you’ll see in this video i did like 2 minutes after i got off the treadmill i was a little out of it. Directly post hard run my brain is a little foggy. My 5k that was in the 41:00 range was in December not January as this is January lol.

So i actually only beat my best time by 13 seconds but i will take it! Any improvement is improvement.

It didnt help that im not feeling 100% and that  i may have eatin pizza last night…….and this morning.


We got our barkbox!!!



She is already liking the hippie toy.
We did a lot of sleeping and cuddling today which was really nice.






It was sooooo sweet!!!!


My trusty garmin……i LOVE it!!! I would like to take another minute to thank my aunt for in essence being my sponser and helping me finance it.

How was your Saturday?
If you have run a 5k what is your PR?

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