Book Review**Good Christian B*tches

Did anyone watch this TV show? It only ran for 1 season, if that? I thought it was funny though. Now that I have read the book I want to see if I can find that 1 season anywhere and compare it.

This book was pure chick lit, very little substance as far as I am concerned. It was actually kind of an infuriating read, the women in the book, the b*itches, were horrible and so unchristian which I get is the point of the book but the main character just laid down and took it for so long it drove me CRAZY!

This is definitely not a book I would read a second time and I don’t feel the need to recommend it to anyone. I also felt like the ending was very rushed, there was this big build-up then a jump to the finish.

A positive of the book was the development of the mother-daughter protagonists, I really enjoyed that and thought it was sweet.

All in all, I hate to say it, but don’t waste your time. The few episodes of the TV show are much funnier.

Monday Motivation**May 29, 2017

Good morning!!!

No school this morning because its Memorial Day so I get to relax!!!!! and by relax i mean study like a fiend for my chem midterm on Wednesday. And I work tonight.

Take a moment:

Regardless of how you feel about the military or politics try and thank a veteran today, we would not be the free country we are without them. You wouldn’t be able to protest all the things you disagree with or burn that flag you think stands for something it doesn’t if it wasn’t for veterans (and their families) giving up so much to help us keep these rights. Because yes, in this country it is a right you have to protest what you do not like or believe in and it is because these men and women have given their blood, sweat, tears and sometimes so much more for us to have this right, not this privilege. Remember that today if no other day.

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And May is gone!!!!! Wow that went fast!!! Only one week left of school, which I will miss half of because I will be in California, then finals!!!


Workout goals this week- 4 workouts

Tidbits from the week

Holy crap only 2 more weeks!!!! I am so excited for this quarter to be over, I feel like I am going to be swimming in oceans of time. Next quarter (summer) I am taking medical terminology online so I am going to have so much more time.

Food from the week:






The bf and I also walked to baskin robins and got ice cream. 



Last Saturday my great friend was in town for the quickest of visits, she was here for a funeral, my boyfriend and I met up with her and her friend after work Saturday afternoon. When your friend is in pain and drinking it away and asks you to drink with her, you do. So I did. I don’t drink much and when I do its usually a glass of wine or something (though I will be trying more wine soon but more on that later) but I try in general to limit myself to 1 glass of whatever it is. I wasn’t the best with my limits in college and I don’t ever need to go back to that. Anyways, I ended up drinking 4 cans of Mike’s black cherry hard lemonade, this is how much of a lightweight I am now, I got drunk off 4 cans basically fruity beer hahahaha. We were at a golf course and ended up just staying there so I ate a hot dog. Thankfully I was in bed by 10pm because I had to be up at 5am for work. But those 4 cans were too much for me, I woke up sick at 2:30am and needed to get something in my stomach, I ate a pop tart. I was hung-over the next day, hence the Mexican food on Sunday and Monday. I cannot believe how long it takes to recover from a hangover now!!!! Like the whole week to feel 100% again. Anyways that was my weekend lol.

Monday I relaxed in between classes but Tuesday I got my butt out for a walk and a run. The roommate and I did 1.3 miles walking then I did another 4 miles on the treadmill.

Wednesday the pup and I got out for about 1.5 miles walking in between classes

Thursday I went out for a run and got 3 miles in. This run was quite tumultuous and will do a whole post on it in a few days. Beware for TMI hahaha.

Friday the BF, the pup and I went for a little hike. 9.4 miles. I will do a more in depth review on the hike next week.

This was a pretty big jump in miles for me this week and I am feeling it in my legs and feet. But I am excited, this is how to get back in shape and lose weight!   19.2 miles total for the week between walking, running and hiking.

Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

How was your week?

Did you get any miles in?

What is the best meal you had this week?

Runner Safety tip #3-Summer running

Hi!!!!! It is starting to heat up here in Portland! The last 2 days have been in the 90s and we still show sun for a few more days (its a miracle!!!!)! With that it brings me to summer running. Each season presents its own pros and cons for running……except fall when its pretty much perfect all the time hahahaha, I am a little biased though as it is my favorite season.

Pros to summer running:

You don’t have to wear 15 layers that you want to start peeling off 10 minutes after you start.

Water fountains are actually turned on when you stop for a drink

Vitamin D

Natural tan


You cannot take enough close off to cool yourself down

Feel like you sweat 15X more


That is just a few for fun there are a million more, comment your favorite and least favorite things about summer running!

So, for the safety stuff.

Sunscreen is a must! I know we all want that beautiful golden tan, ok not everyone I know I don’t mind alabaster skin if it means no skin cancer. But when you are outside as much as we runners, hikers, swimmers, bikers and everything else are you need to take care of your skin. There are 3 major skin cancer types from sun exposure and the chances of getting them increase with sunburn so take care of yourself.

Hydration is key. When it is hotter we sweat a lot more. We lose water and lots of salt. If you don’t want to carry a water bottle plan your run near places that have water fountains or place you know you can run into and get water. Also remember if you are going to be out there for more than an hour you need more than just water, you need to replenish your electrolytes, mainly sodium and chloride. Take a gel or chew with you or mix a sports drink into your water bottle. For an hour or less I like 1/4 Gatorade to 3/4 water. The longer I am out the higher the Gatorade concentration gets and the more I bring gels. When hiking I love Cliff Blocks, tropical punch is my favorite flavor. Don’t let your salts get out of balance or you can literally drown yourself from the inside out.

Snakes!!!!!! I think this is dependent on where you are but snakes like to come out on roads and trails to sun themselves so be on the lookout and know what kind of snakes are in your area, especially the poisonous ones.

Allergies/allergic reactions if you have allergies keep a Benadryl or some other allergy medicine in your pocket (just 1-2 doses in a plastic bag) for emergencies. Also if you are allergic to bees or things like that plan accordingly when running, whether that means carting along an epi-pen or whatever. Just be prepared.

Heat stroke, this is a big one. If your core temperature gets above 104 degrees F or 40 degrees C. This requires immediate emergency treatment, not getting treated can cause brain, kidney, heart and muscles damage that may be irreversible and can even cause death. If you get too hot pour water over your head and sit in the shade. It is better to cut your run short or take a break in the middle than never be able to run again.

With all that, be safe and have fun out there!!!!!!

Monday Motivation**May 22, 2017

Buenos días!!!!


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Workout goal- 4 workouts

Last week I got 4 workouts in. One of them was up in the trees and absolutely terrifying. 

Last week I did 7.6 miles mixed between walking and running. I am increasing my mileage slowly but surely.  I’m hoping I will be able to find a half marathon in October or November that will fit into my work schedule  (I currently work Saturday and Sunday mornings which is when most races take place).

Here’s to a great week!!!!

Tidbits from the week

7 Weeks down, 3 to go!! The end is NEAR!!

As I mentioned on Wednesday I have challenged myself to 30 days of no fast food.

Here is my food for the week:






Smoothie, 2 corns on the cobb, half a homemade quesadilla, Lo Mein, homemade frittata on toast


I forgot pictures: Smoothie, a few bites of leftover Lo Mein, coffee and 3/4 of a biscotti, teriyaki burger and fries, a shared hard cider with the BF and pizza oh and a coke.

On Monday Artemis and I went for a little 1.5 mile walk in between 1st class and 2nd. I made pasta for dinner for Monday night and actually looked up what a serving size is and how to measure it. Normally I just pour the pasta in the boiling water until it looks like enough. Turns out a 2oz serving of dry pasta is 3/4 cup (I couldn’t find the 3/4 cup so I used 1/2 and 1/4 hahaha) and this is what I got………holy cow, I normally pour about 3x that.

Apparently I really need to start looking at my serving sizes.

Tuesday I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and walked about a mile with the roommate outside before rain and hail then random bits of sunshine shone through.

Thursday I got out for a very short run, I felt a little funky so I cut the run short.

Friday the BF and I went to a place called tree2tree adventure park where they have all rope courses and zip lines and stuff you can play on. I took a few pre pictures but cameras/phones weren’t encouraged when actually up the trees in case you dropped them. The courses ranged from 5 feet in the air up to 35 feet in the air!!!! We took a little road trip on the way there to make a day of it after I got out of lab.

I really thought I was going to enjoy this adventure but wowza. I like the little ‘training camp’ area they  had to practice on, mostly the practice was on clipping and unclipping your harness when going from obstacle to obstacle and I was scared but enjoyed the easy levels which were anywhere from 5-10ish feet off of the ground. It was nerve wracking but pretty fun…….they we went to the intermediate one which started at about 5-10ft off the ground and went up to 35ft and started getting a lot more wobbly and difficult. The first intermediate one was 8 obstacles and 2-3 zip lines. About half way through the panic really set in and some hyperventilating like breathing started. By the 2nd to last obstacle I was holding back tears and talking to myself, the world drilled down to a pinprick in front of me and all I was aware of was me saying: you can do it, you can do it, one more step, one more obstacle, you got this, its ok, you are ok , you are ok, you are ok, don’t panic, don’t panic, its fine. I got to the end of that last zip line with my feet planted on the ground and could not get unhooked fast enough. I put my head between my legs and just breathed. The BF was sweet to me, we bought me a coke because I was shaking and I sat down for 20-30minutes.

After about a 20 minute break we went to do the other intermediate course, I didn’t really want to but we had paid $50 each to do this and I knew the BF was having fun so I tried to suck it up for him and get 1 more course done. This course stayed a little lower than the other intermediate one but was more difficult in that there were more unstable shaky obstacles. And unlike the others which all started on the ground this one you had to climb a ladder to get to it. I started climbing that ladder and said NOPE! I need a few more minutes, I was still shaky.

After a little longer I steeled my resolve and said, ok there are 10 things total, just get through them and you don’t have to get back up there. I rocketed through that course and didn’t talk to anyone but myself, didn’t hear anyone, the BF said he fell and made faces at me to show me it was ok, I didn’t see anything, I was so focused on the next step and getting the hell off there. Once again I was almost crying by the end but I did it. Then I convinced the BF to do the 1st of 2 advanced courses by himself while I watched and walked the course with him. So glad I didn’t go that one, it was half zip lines which made it a little easier but the obstacles it did have looked intense and I was mini panicking just watching him do it. All and all I am glad I did it, and it got us out of the house and I know that if I am ever on the amazing race I can force myself to do the insane tasks but I apparently scared of heights. Which is funny cause sky diving didn’t bother me at all except getting nauseous because I had an empty stomach, but I loved skydiving. Weird the things that affect us.

Money and Food

In case I haven’t mentioned it (ya right?) I am a BROKE college student with lots of debt, and in case it hasn’t been made clear I LOVE food.

Because I am broke and in debt I have been making a budget for myself the last year-ish, I have all my bills typed up each month on an excel sheet that is always in plain view and I cross my bills off as I pay them so I don’t forget any. Doing this means I usually budget myself for all my bills, I try and remember gas and food.

Yet somehow even though I do this I seem to always be pinching even smaller pennies than usual by the week of payday and half the time I end of overdrawing on either my checking account or a credit card resulting in fees and overnight bill pay charges eating into my already small funds. I have slowly been getting rid of unnecessary luxuries and paring things down, I do a lot less amazon shopping and am trying to do this 3-day rule thing, if you still want it in 3 days then you can buy it if I can justify it to myself, it has helped a lot. But again somehow I always come up short.

So after I set up my new bill worksheet (I had reached the end of the old one) I decided to look at where my last paycheck went……………………………it went to a school payment and bills and a few cosmetic things, one or two small fun things but it still seemed like I blew through it way to fast…….where did a big chunk go……FOOD!

I try very hard to plan out my meals so that I can save money and not waste food but I have clearly not adjusted too well to my new schedule.

Problem # 1 I have this “you are broke don’t spend more than you absolutely have to at the grocery store”. So I go in and buy as little as possible; which is great I walk out of grocery outlet with a $25-$30 grocery bill I have even allowed 1-2 impulse buys…….but because I went in with that mentality instead of a carefully planned out menu taking all meals and snacks into account, I didn’t get everything I need so I go back to the store later in the week to pick up a few things and walk out $20 later……then I go back a few days later for a few more things and walk out $15 later and my $25-30 grocery bill went up to $60-70 bucks for 10-15 days of eating……say what?!

Problem # 2 My schedule. Saturday and Sunday are great I eat breakfast in the AM, head to work, have a packed lunch and 1-2 snacks then when I get home I have dinner. The week is where it gets messy. Since I haven’t yet figured out how to plan for every meal and snack here is how my week goes:

Monday/Wednesday- have a smoothie for breakfast, go to class, come home and have eggs on toast for a 2nd breakfast/early lunch, pack dinner and work things and then go to 2nd class, go from 2nd class to work but haven’t packed a snack/meal to eat while driving from school to train station to rush to work so I stop and a fast food place….there goes $3-5 (each day). Go to work eat my snacks throughout my shift and eat dinner between 7:30-8:30pm, I get off work at 11:05 and catch the last train back to my car and am set to get home just before midnight….but it has now been 4.5-5.5 hours since I have eaten dinner and I am hungry again. And again instead of having packed a snack I can eat while driving (and I don’t want to make one at home at 12:15 at night, my roommates are asleep in our tiny place) I drive through fast food again, there is another $3-7.

Tuesday is a little better-  I have a smoothie and eggs on toast for breakfast after a run then do some house chores. I have a simple lunch like today was top ramen, sometimes it is grilled cheese or pasta, whatever. Then I pack dinner and work things and head to work around 1:35pm. Go to work eat my snacks throughout my shift and eat dinner between 7:30-8:30pm, and again I get off work at 11:05 and catch the last train back to my car and am set to get home just before midnight….but it’s been 4.5-5.5 hours again since I have eaten dinner and I’m hungry. And again instead of having packed a snack I can eat while driving (and I don’t want to make one at home) I drive through fast food again, there is another $3-7.

Now I don’t actually get food every night, I would say 1 out of 3 nights I work but still. It adds up in the wallet and waste line.

I have potentially added anywhere from an extra $3-25 to my grocery bill in a week. And a few thousand calories to my week because its all fast food.

Figuring this out was eye opening. I know I have been rambling so if you are still with me here is my plan. Come payday I am going to withdraw $20 and put it in my wallet, that is my last minute food money that has to last me until the next paycheck, I can guilt free grab Starbucks or order a pizza or go to a restaurant, but once its gone, its gone. I am also going to better plan my meals and spend the extra $10 at the first trip to the grocery store so I don’t spend and extra $30 later. And I am only letting myself have that one trip, I cannot set foot back in the grocery store until the next weeks meal planning has been done and I am buying groceries for the next week. This should potentially save me about $50/paycheck which is HUGE for me.

Does anybody else ever wonder where their money goes?


Update since I wrote this about a week ago: I have started packing PB&J sandwiches for in between school and work and either another sandwich or a mini bag of chips or something for on my way home form work Mon-Wed and I am already doing so much better!!!! Also I have challenged myself to 30 days of no fast food (I don’t count good pizza as fast food, things like dominos, pizza hut and little Caesar’s totally count but not the good stuff). hahahaha.




Monday Motivation**May 15, 2017

Happy Monday!!!!


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Workout goal this week 4 workouts. I have hit 3 workouts 2 weeks in a row so hopefully I can hit 4 this week.

It is hard to believe but there are only 4 weeks left in this quarter. It is FLYING by. I need to step my studying back up, I have slacked the last 2 weeks.

Saturday night I decided I was going to get Taco Bell and really enjoy it then put myself of a 30 day fast food ban. I have already cut back the last week but I need to cut it out or at least severely reduce it, I am hoping cutting it out for 30 days will help me do this. On Saturdays I will start posting my meals for the week to keep me honest.

Call me out if you see something that looks like fast food!!!!

Hope you all have a GREAT week!!!!! I am super excited for the BF and I’s outing on Friday, can’t wait to tell you all about it!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I wanted to do a quick shout-out to the best mom any woman could ask for. My mom loves her kids unconditionally……..and believe me we have given her many conditions to test her hahahaha.

My mom is thoughtful, loving, caring, giving and just amazing. She has been there for me through everything; angry teenage years, drunken-grief struck college years, has helped me be able to travel some, has tried to impart some wisdom without shoving it down my throat, she has let me learn my lessons and helped me dig out of them once I have learned it. Because of my mother I am on the road to becoming a doctor and am so proud of who I am and it is all because of her.

I love you mom!!!!

And lets not forget that time my mom walked off into the wilderness with me for another crazy adventure……

Tidbits from the week

Week 6! Just 4 weeks left! That is terrifying but awesome, these quarters go by so quickly!!!!

Last week I took my Chem midterm and got a B woohoo. I took my Bio midterm on Monday and got an A.

I worked on Sunday then the BF came over for dinner, it was the healthiest mostly premade dinner you can probably do lol. We had brown rice, rotisserie chicken (those premade, precooked ones you can buy at the store) and corn on the cob.

Monday in between classes Artemis and I went on a little 1.5 miles hike, see all those stopping points on the walk, she found some really good smells hahahahaha!

I took some of that leftover chicken and made an awesome salad! I may have to do this more often. Then off to work I went.

What I am listening to this week:

Tuesday I got out and did a total of 3.2 miles running. It was 1.2 miles on the treadmill then 2 miles outside.

Wednesday I relaxed in between classes.

Thursday I got another 3 miles in.

I bf and I were supposed to hike on Friday but during Chem lab I started not feeling so well so we just stayed in an relaxed. We watched some Bear Grylls and got pizza and fell asleep at 6pm hahahaha. Apparently we both needed sleep. It was a good relaxing day but I am bummed about missing hiking.

3 workouts completed this week!