Book Review**Good Christian B*tches

Did anyone watch this TV show? It only ran for 1 season, if that? I thought it was funny though. Now that I have read the book I want to see if I can find that 1 season anywhere and compare it.

This book was pure chick lit, very little substance as far as I am concerned. It was actually kind of an infuriating read, the women in the book, the b*itches, were horrible and so unchristian which I get is the point of the book but the main character just laid down and took it for so long it drove me CRAZY!

This is definitely not a book I would read a second time and I don’t feel the need to recommend it to anyone. I also felt like the ending was very rushed, there was this big build-up then a jump to the finish.

A positive of the book was the development of the mother-daughter protagonists, I really enjoyed that and thought it was sweet.

All in all, I hate to say it, but don’t waste your time. The few episodes of the TV show are much funnier.

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