Blue Apron week 2 meal 1 Catfish Piccata with Fettuccine

Happy Saturday!!!!

My Blue Apron box came!!!! Once again everything looks soooo good!!!

I was really excited but also very hesitant to try catfish, I have never had it before.


20151028_181036 20151028_181032 20151028_181434 20151028_181038 I had fun cooking this dish. The fresh fettuccine was amazing!

20151028_183116 I was so happy with this dish, it was light and tart. The catfish was sooo good!!! No fishy smell or taste. Next time i would probably add some tomatoes though, i am pasta purest, i think all pasta should have some bit of red in the sauce hahaha.

I even ended up with enough left over for a small lunch, talk about getting your money’s worth!!!!

Happy Halloween**2015

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Halloween is my favorite holiday!!! The candy, the costumes, the candles and ambiance.

Halloween is the day when the veils between the worlds are thinest, today is a day to honor your ancestors, throw a little food and drink into the fire for them because they are near.

There is magic in the air tonight, can you feel it?

1231233_203902226454345_1288951634_n via

What is your favorite part of halloween?


Wooohoo its Friday!!!!!!

I am so stoked that it is Friday, and i only worked 14 hours this week. It is amazing how exhausted I am from just those 14 hours. Surgery really does take it out of you.

After work my mom and i met the boyfriend at a sports bar and had dinner, then we wandered around barnes and noble, aka heaven, and i spent 3.5 hours worth of pay on 6 books lol.

Now it is reading and sleep time. I’ve been sleeping 11-12 hours every night, my body really needs to heal so i can start working out again.


We have a house guest this week that i am complety in love with.

Tomorrow is Halloween!!!!!!

Now it is reading time until the pain meds kick in, then it is sleep time.

Blue Apron week 1 meal 3, Mushroom Risotto


So during my surgery recovery I tasked my mother with making the 3rd meal from my first Blue Apron box.


20151027_191531 20151027_193412 I love how easy they make the prep work.

20151027_193515 20151027_194033 20151027_194950

Mom did most of the work, but I finished it off because she walked away to answer a phone call. I think she did pretty good though.

20151027_203912 I added extra cheese though because I LOVE cheese, probably too much hahahahaha.

We finished this weeks box just in time because i new box arrived today!!!!!! Normally I anticipate finishing the box much quicker but surgery and recovery put a damper in this weeks box.

I am super excited for this coming weeks box though, everything looks delicious. Next time look for my first experience with Catfish………

Have you ever tried catfish?

Have you jumped on the Blue Apron bandwagon yet? 

What is the last thing you cooked?

First day back at work

Its Wednesday!!!! Like everyone else I am celebrating that we are more than halfway through the weekend……yes I am celebrating even though today was my Monday.

Today was my first day back at work post surgery, i went in for 4 hours…..and my hour 2.5 I wanted to curl up in a ball in the bathroom and pass out.

I took half a pain pill, i have a desk job where i sit on my butt, which is where my stitches are. I brought a pillow to sit on. The first hour went by pretty ok, I had to make sure i focused extra good because of the pain pill, i didn’t want to make any stupid mistakes or miss anything. The second hour was still ok, I had a little bit of nausea but was mostly ok.

Then the heat kicked on because it was raining outside and the pain pill took full effect and about every half hour I was running to the bathroom to throw up. I made it to my 4 hours, tied up loose ends and ran out the door to lay down in the car and let my mom drive home.

I got home, laid down, and took a nap. Thankfully the nausea is starting to subside. Tomorrow and Friday i have 5 hours scheduled, fingers crossed i can make it. Tomorrow i am going to try 1/4 pain pill and see if there is less nausea and it still keeps the pain tolerable.

I would like to say days like today really remind me how awesome my job is and how wonderful my coworkers are. They really work with me and genuinely care about my well being, they do not make me feel like just another number in a time clock.

Do you like your job?

Do you like your coworkers?

How was your day?

Kale and Monterey Jack Quesadilla and day 4 of R & R


It’s Tuesday!!!

Last night i made myself get off the couch and make my 2nd blue apron meal, granted i had mom help me but i still got up and did it.

20151026_184330 20151026_191959 sorry second one is a little blurry.

Of course the directions were nice and easy to follow.

20151026_192005 we prepped everything before hand so it was ready during the cooking process.

20151026_192857 20151026_193347 20151026_193743

When you are done cooking the directions tell you how to plate it, so far both my dishes have looked like the pictures on their directions.


My roommate made chocolate peanut butter cupcakes……yes i had one, maybe 2.


Monday I tried to take only half pain pills and spread them out past the every 6 hours that is prescribed. I have to get used to less since i am supposed to go back to work on Wednesday, I might need to just do a half day on Wednesday because sitting for several hours is painful and i can only sit in certain positions….. we will see how i feel tonight. I will keep you posted.

How is everyones week going?

What did you make for dinner last night?

R & R

Howdy all!!!

Well i haven’t left my pjs all day lol and have been camped out in front of the tv.


I’ve been doing lots of Sudoku


I’ve been cuddling with out house guest who makes the perfect company.


And I’ve been napping off and on.

Nothing much interesting going on here lol

How is your weekend going?

TGIF and post surgery


I am laying on the couch try to keep my eyes open. The pain pills are trying to knock me out…..and they are starting to win.


Nurses put mebat ease and made me laugh this morning.

Surgery went pretty quick. I was home by i think by10:30am ish. I checked in at 6am.



Going back and forth between the bed and thebcouch. Still sporting my stylish hospital band.



I am very thankful for my mom, who is always here for me when i need her.

Its Thursday!!! and Shrimp Perloo

Howdy friends!!!!

I hope everyones day is going good 🙂

Today is my Friday, which rocks, but it also means i have to get everything ready for my co-workers and tie up all loose ends becuase i will be out Friday, Monday and Tuesday due to surgery and recovery. (Hopefully that is all i am out).

So last night i made my first Blue Apron meal, Shrimp Perloo.


Everything came pre-labeled and pre-portioned.


I really like that.

The directions are super easy to follow


My mom and i prepped everything together. Then i did the cooking and plating.


They send you good quality ingrediants.


and they tell you how to plate it so it looks pretty.


It was delicious!!

I read the reviews before i made it so i knew to only use about 1/2 the spices they sent becuase it had a bite to it. I really liked it but my mom, who has no tolerance for spicyness, her eyes were watering a bit hahahahahahaha.

And i am excited it made way more than neccesary. My mom and i both ate until we were full then i packed some for lunch to eat today and put one meal’s worth in the freezer for later. So i got 4 servings out of this!!!

After dinner i hopped on the stationary bike and my mom walked on the treadmill for about 43 min…….aka one episode of grey’s anatamy hahaha.


I am being good and eating fruit today…..though i might have some Annie’s mac and cheese for a snack this afternoon.

Have my last training appt tonight (until i am healed up from surgery) at 7pm.

Have to check in tomorrow at 6am for surgery.

I will try and post tomorrow afternoon if i am not too loopy from the pain meds hahahaha.

How is your day going?