Kale and Monterey Jack Quesadilla and day 4 of R & R


It’s Tuesday!!!

Last night i made myself get off the couch and make my 2nd blue apron meal, granted i had mom help me but i still got up and did it.

20151026_184330 20151026_191959 sorry second one is a little blurry.

Of course the directions were nice and easy to follow.

20151026_192005 we prepped everything before hand so it was ready during the cooking process.

20151026_192857 20151026_193347 20151026_193743

When you are done cooking the directions tell you how to plate it, so far both my dishes have looked like the pictures on their directions.


My roommate made chocolate peanut butter cupcakes……yes i had one, maybe 2.


Monday I tried to take only half pain pills and spread them out past the every 6 hours that is prescribed. I have to get used to less since i am supposed to go back to work on Wednesday, I might need to just do a half day on Wednesday because sitting for several hours is painful and i can only sit in certain positions….. we will see how i feel tonight. I will keep you posted.

How is everyones week going?

What did you make for dinner last night?

3 thoughts on “Kale and Monterey Jack Quesadilla and day 4 of R & R

  1. Last night we cheated and went out to eat, but it was okay because our Blue Apron doesn’t arrive until Tuesdays. So today we had the Spicy Korean Chicken and it was absolutely delicious! I enjoyed the Kale Quesadillas last week! Enjoy the rest of your week! 🙂 http://www.thrmarshall.com

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