Book Review**Jason



This is book #23 in the Anita Blake series, this is a world where vampires are legal citizens and Anita Blake raises zombies to clear up questions about their wills then puts them back to rest.

I would say its TrueBlood mixed with Bitten mixed with 50 shades of Grey.

Though it doesn’t get too kinky until book 4 or 5. And it was around before any of those series.

I really enjoy this series for a fun read. Definitely don’t start with this book though, its almost all sex and no story line. Start from the begining and get to know the charaters and the world they live in.


Wow when did 9:30 on a Friday night become late to me? Hahahaha! I don’t know whether to be ashamed or proud.


Today’s hydration; water, tea and coffee.

First lunch was leftover pot roast i found in the freezer that i had made a few months ago over some rice. Second lunch was yakisoba!!! Apperently I’m a bit obssessed.


Reading material before bed


And now its bedtime!!! Spin class in the AM and i have convinced my roommate to go with me……bwahahaahaah!!!!!  (evil laughter)

Do you drag people to your workouts?

What is your go to treat meal lately?

Any fun weekend plans?

Mid-week exhaustion

This is going to be a short post because i am exhausted and want to pass out.

I did 3 workouts in a 24 hour period and with spinning tomorrow it will be 4 in 48 hours so sleep is vital.

I felt the exhaustion in the pool this morning. I didn’t have my normal stamina and got out of breath faster.


I bought Artemis some bones to chew on


In about 2 hours she ate half of it. Woman’s a beast! My friend B said her dog takes a dew months to eat one!

I was good this morning and got oatmeal from Starbucks instead of the crap i normally get…….


Why have i not done this before?! Its delicious!!!!!

Though when i get back from hawaii i need to come up with a better routine because not just coffee but also breakfast at Starbucks 3+ times a week is a little too rich for my blood.

Ok and now its pass out time.

Good Night!!!!

How was your wednesday?

Have you been working out?

I love hearing Artemis snore lol It is the sweetest sound.

Tuesday Tangents


How was everyones day?

So i finished Serial season 1 in about 24 hours lol. Today i started season 2 and got as far as they have so far… i have to wait 2 weeks for each episode!!!!!

Now I’m listening to




I went for a run tonight. Run 1 min walk 2 min x10


Run calendar


Got new shoes from Amazon!!!


The new ones are the blue ones lol


So i know a lot of people think movie is depressing……but i LOVE it!!!!! I think its soooo sweet. I’ve read the book as well, that is sadder……more sad?

Got Artemis’ new dog food


Hopefully she likes it lol.

Did you workout today?

Where do you come down on the Marley and Me subject?

Is there a movie or book you like that most people don’t?

Monday Motivation**January 25, 2016


Happy Monday!!!!!


Tuesday- AM strength workout with my trainer, PM run 1 min walk 2 min x10

Wednesday- AM swim workout with trainer

Thursday- AM spin class, PM run 2 min, walk 2 min x 7.

Friday- OFF

Saturday- AM spin class

Sunday- AM yoga class, PM run 1 min, walk 2 for 3 miles 

Lets make it a GREAT week!!!!

Weekend wrapup

Another weekend gone.

I felt totally fine today no stomach bug symptoms.

I didn’t got to yoga cause truthfully it sucked last week lol. My roommate C went and she said it was better so ill go next week. Artemis and i chilled on the couch and caught up on some TV shows.

After C got back from yoga we took the dogs to the park park and let them run around for about 45 min until they seemed tired. Went i say let them run around i mean half the time i chased or ran from them to get them moving. Both dogs are making progress at being more social and running around without me. Slowly but surely.

After the dog park more tv watching and relaxing. She was tuckered out


In the evening i did my 3rd couch to half marathon workout for this week but didn’t push too hard. My knees were sore. Probably from  pushing last night to PR then running at the dog park this morning. I iced knees while dinner cooked



So while i was running i started listening to season 1 episode 1 or whatever its called of the podcast serial. A bunch of bloggers have talked about it and now i see why. I am hooked!!!! I’ve listened to like 4 episodes tonight!

5k race recap


As you’ll see in my insane videos i was supposed to run my 2nd 5k in the winter 5k race series but didn’t.

As you’ll see in this video i did like 2 minutes after i got off the treadmill i was a little out of it. Directly post hard run my brain is a little foggy. My 5k that was in the 41:00 range was in December not January as this is January lol.

So i actually only beat my best time by 13 seconds but i will take it! Any improvement is improvement.

It didnt help that im not feeling 100% and that  i may have eatin pizza last night…….and this morning.


We got our barkbox!!!



She is already liking the hippie toy.
We did a lot of sleeping and cuddling today which was really nice.






It was sooooo sweet!!!!


My trusty garmin……i LOVE it!!! I would like to take another minute to thank my aunt for in essence being my sponser and helping me finance it.

How was your Saturday?
If you have run a 5k what is your PR?

Farming Fridays and randomness

Happy Friday!!!!!

The sun is actually out here today in the Pacific Northwest so i just went for a little walk on my lunch and soaked up a little natural vitamin D.

I just ordered this:


So i can get my tomatoes and peppers started inside in the next few weeks.

I also set up my farming fridays wishlist on amazon:

I like wish lists on amazon because they dont clutter up my cart and whenever i have a little extra income……hahahaha like that actually happens, i know where to go to grab 1-2 things.

While i was at it i made one for working out stuff too

I just bought new running shoes off amazon!


Thankfully it is a brand i already use so i know my size and all that…….$31 on amazon!! How awesome is that!!!! In about a 5-6 weeks i’ll pop into the REI near me and see if they have any running shoes on clearance so i can have 2 pairs to switch back and forth with.

So as i said i have a 5k run tomorrow, yay! My goal is to be 1 minute (or more) faster than my time from December, Sunday will be yoga. Those are the only set in stone plans i have, some reading would be good.

What are your weekend plans?

Any Races? Workouts?

How often do you buy new workout shoes?


A lazy sleepy Thursday

So i was supposed to get up and go to spin class Thursday morning but i didn’t sleep well and was still sore and fatigued from Tuesday’s leg workout so i decided to sleep for an extra 2 hours instead. Also ibwas playing it a little safe because there is a nasty stomach bug going around.


Sometimes on my morning commute i wonder how i ended up back in city traffic everyday.


I enjoyed vegetable soup from zoup lol


Reading has been a big theme for me lately. I’ve been bindging and i love it!


I enjoyed a pretty sunrise one day this week.


I got yakisoba!!! noodles yesterday and it was delicious!!! I feel like yakisoba sould always been said with an exclamation point LOL.
Since i didn’t do spin i turned Thursday into my rest day. I got home from work. Took the dog for a walk, because miraculously it wasnt raining!!!! Then i plopped down in front of the TV and  didn’t move until bedtime. It was nice, but very unproductive.

Tonight, Friday,  i am going to run 1 minute, walk 2 minuted x10.
Tomorrow morning is 5k race day!!!!

My 2016 Race Calendar

Good Morning!!!

I thought it was time to talk about all the races i am hoping/planning on running this year. Some of them are already paid and registered some i am slowing registering for every few paychecks.

Januray and February-


I do the next 2 races in this series. (registered for)


97013h_Logo-transp black small

Vortex 10k trail run!! (registered for)




Bridge to Brews 10k 


Race for the roses (registered)




Sole sisters half marathon




Seattle rock and roll 1/2 marathon!!!  (registered)




Twilight 10k


i found 3 races i want to do in august 🙂


the Shoc 5k i did this last year and enjoyed it. It is just down the street from me which is nice.

yep you can print out a finishers certificate


that is the picture from their webpage

Girlfriends sprint distance duathalon

obvilously i already had 2 races for this month but this one just looked so fun!!!


the canby dahlia 10k 



Portland triathlon 


Long Beach marathon!!!! (registered)

besides the triathlon this is my big race this year. Last year i didnt train properly, I. E. at all so i had to drop out at mile 15. this time i will train properly and i will conquer this!!!!! I also applied to be an ambassador……we shall see.


Veterans 5k 


Haven’t picked a november one yet.


Do you have any races planned for this year?