Podcasts are back in my life

Howdy!!! Hope everyone is well. 

I overslept today and did not get a run in before work and also didn’t have time to get my swimsuit out of the dryer so today turned into a rest day. Normally I would just switch my workouts to Friday which was my planned rest day but I switched schedules with someone so I could get off early since I have family in town so that means I have to be at work at 6am. That would mean I’d have to be at the gym by about 4am to workout…….not happening.  

I came squeeze in a swim after my spin on Saturday morning but I will just have to miss that run. Which is a bad mom move because that means Artemis missed the excersice too. 

On another note I took a crazy amount of vitamins today. In my sample box they had a daily dose of vitamins so I tried it today

Yea that is a 1 DAY dose! It took me 2 shallows to get this all down. And I had to mix it with Gatorade because they were a little flavorful 

That is a lot of stuff to take at once. 

So podcasts…..I stopped listening to them for awhile but started again yesterday. I have like 8 episodes of ‘criminal’ to catch up on and have started listening to ‘here be monsters’. It really breaks up the monotony of a desk job. 

Do you listen to podcasts? 

Which ones?

If not I recommend ‘Serial’ I was obsessed with that and cannot wait to see what season 3 has in store. 

Well off to bed for 6am training!!!

My sweet girl and my laundry to put away hahahaha!!

Weekend wrapup

Another weekend gone.

I felt totally fine today no stomach bug symptoms.

I didn’t got to yoga cause truthfully it sucked last week lol. My roommate C went and she said it was better so ill go next week. Artemis and i chilled on the couch and caught up on some TV shows.

After C got back from yoga we took the dogs to the park park and let them run around for about 45 min until they seemed tired. Went i say let them run around i mean half the time i chased or ran from them to get them moving. Both dogs are making progress at being more social and running around without me. Slowly but surely.

After the dog park more tv watching and relaxing. She was tuckered out


In the evening i did my 3rd couch to half marathon workout for this week but didn’t push too hard. My knees were sore. Probably from  pushing last night to PR then running at the dog park this morning. I iced knees while dinner cooked



So while i was running i started listening to season 1 episode 1 or whatever its called of the podcast serial. A bunch of bloggers have talked about it and now i see why. I am hooked!!!! I’ve listened to like 4 episodes tonight!