Podcasts are back in my life

Howdy!!! Hope everyone is well. 

I overslept today and did not get a run in before work and also didn’t have time to get my swimsuit out of the dryer so today turned into a rest day. Normally I would just switch my workouts to Friday which was my planned rest day but I switched schedules with someone so I could get off early since I have family in town so that means I have to be at work at 6am. That would mean I’d have to be at the gym by about 4am to workout…….not happening.  

I came squeeze in a swim after my spin on Saturday morning but I will just have to miss that run. Which is a bad mom move because that means Artemis missed the excersice too. 

On another note I took a crazy amount of vitamins today. In my sample box they had a daily dose of vitamins so I tried it today

Yea that is a 1 DAY dose! It took me 2 shallows to get this all down. And I had to mix it with Gatorade because they were a little flavorful 

That is a lot of stuff to take at once. 

So podcasts…..I stopped listening to them for awhile but started again yesterday. I have like 8 episodes of ‘criminal’ to catch up on and have started listening to ‘here be monsters’. It really breaks up the monotony of a desk job. 

Do you listen to podcasts? 

Which ones?

If not I recommend ‘Serial’ I was obsessed with that and cannot wait to see what season 3 has in store. 

Well off to bed for 6am training!!!

My sweet girl and my laundry to put away hahahaha!!

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