Weekly Workouts

Sunday – OFF

Monday – 3 miles

Tuesday – strength training

Wednesday – stretching

Thursday – 2 miles

Friday – 3 miles

Saturday – 5 miles

Total: 13 miles

Book Review – The endurance diet

Another interesting book with its dry moments.

It lays out healthy eating habits for runners and other endurance athletes. There is a LOT of technical stuff and dry facts but also an interesting looks into elite athletes diets.

The entire concept is to eat a varied, whole food, healthy diet with minimal amounts of processed food.

A day in the life 2.5 yr old and 1 yr old

This is actually a few days worth of photos and happenings because my husband was gone for a week and my mom was here for a week and it was baby girls birthday party.

My baby slept through the night which was amazing. Toddler woke up at 545am looking for his moose. Got that for him and he dozed again for about an hour.

Baby got up at 615am. Fed her and she played a bit.

Coffee time

Toddler up just after 7am.

Nana is here visiting and he is soaking it up
We try to do a school activity each morning
Get in a workout of some kind.
After we finish either a walk or my run then we do some outside chores and unstructured play. This can last anywhere from 20min to almost an hour depending on how quickly we got out of the house and how long we were walking/running.

1130-1145am ish we sit down for lunch

We ate out a lot this week while my mom was in town

After lunch is nap time. This goes from 1230ish until 230-330 depending on when the kids wake up.

After nap time we try for a little more school

We got a butterfly grow kit and are enjoying watching them grow.
We made rain clouds

After school we play outside more until dinner

Family dinner around 530pm then bath time!

The kids get to run around a bit then Ella goes to bed around 7pm, Robert runs around a bit longer than my husband puts him to bed around 8pm.

I clean up the kitchen then read until I go to bed around 10pm……. Though I should go to sleep around 9-930pm.

That is the basic layout of our day.

Weekly Workouts

Sunday -off and baby girls birthday party

Monday – 3 miles

Grandma pushed the stroller and walked while I ran laps back and forth to equal 3 miles.

Tuesday – strength workout

Wednesday – very weird Beachbody ab workout

Thursday – off! We went out to breakfast instead hahahaha

Friday- N/A baby had a fever. Was up half the night and went to the Dr in the morning.

Saturday – 2 miles

My husband was out of town for work this week so with him back I chose to sleep in and do a shorter run (it’s super hot this weekend)

Book Review

There’s no such thing as bad weather.

Love, love, loved this book. It was so interesting and eye opening. It’s all about how scandanavian countries put a premium on getting their kids outside versus how we do things here in America. There was a lot of data to back up what was said.

I try and get my kids outside daily but this really showed me that I could do more and how used to being comfortable I am.

I also love that the author gives a book reccomendation at the end of every chapter and I plan on working my way through those.

I didnt find it dry or tedious to read, i enjoyed picking it up each night.

1 year old today

How is my baby 1 year old today???????

This has been the fastest year of my life and I know it’s just going to get faster.

Some days can test my sanity and wear me down but every day there are wonderful moments and no matter how crazy the day gets I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.

I absolutely will take a vacation when they get a little older but I love my babies more than words could ever express.

This little girl is wild! She climbs and runs and gets into EVERYTHING! She is learning to communicate what she wants and man is she stubborn! Hmmm I wonder where she gets that from??? HAHAHAHA

I cannot wait to see what this next year holds for us.