Weekend Wrap up

My birthday and the weekend!

I woke up to this awesomeness on my birthday courtesy of the BF

When I was 19 I wrote myself a series of letters to open every 5 years. They are pretty fun to read and see how my life plans have changed and stayed the same.

Birthday Dinner!

I shared a cocktail with Brandon. Hazelnut espresso or something like that

His dinner

My dinner.

Then we went to the movies, it is a movie theater/bar combo!

the movies are cheaper than a regular theatre but they get you will the drinks and food hahaha. I had 2 strawberry daiquiris (we saw 2 movies) big drinking day for me!

Brandon got me this for my birthday! He knows me so well! I am SOOOOO excited to cook some stuff!

Its my Party and I’ll Cry if I Want to!

Hi!!!!! It is my birthday today!!!!! I am 29 years old today!!!! Holy crap. I cannot imagine my life any different…..though more money would be nice but that is because sadly money makes the world go round, but other than that I don’t think I would change anything. Of course I wish my dad were still alive or that I could at least hug him and talk to him one last time but really I can’t wish that things happened any different because I wouldn’t be where I am today if it had.

I am LOVING going back to school and working toward something I really love, I am actually enjoying the job I am doing, it is low stress and allows me a little time to study and lifts a good amount of the financial strain I was feeling.

For really happy news that is fitting for a birthday….I am going to Europe in the fall with my roommate!!!! AHHHHHHH Europe has been one of my dreams for years. We are taking a cruise so I will get to see Venice, Rome, Naples, Sicily, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Corfu, Corsica, Toulouse, and Barcelona. I think I go them all in there.

I will fill you in more as I plan the itinerary. and of course I plan to blog while on it so be prepared!!!!

Hope you have a great day!!!! I have to head off to chemistry class, yep my birthday is not a reason to miss class, and I have work tonight so feel free to comment and keep me company!

Hello from not so sunny California 

Hi!!!! Wednesday morning I flew to my hometown of Long Beach, CA for my grandmas 90th birthday party!!!

After an errand with my mom we hit In ‘n’ Out

Yep, my priorities are in check hahahaha!! 

Got a new shirt from Costco 

Met my friend for a little workout 

After 2 miles someone tells me you arent allowed to run only walk……say what??!!! So i walked 2 more miles with my friend while we chatted….but I don’t need to come here again. 

Went out for dinner and dancing…..on a Thursday night hahahaha. 

Friday we did some preparations for the big birthday party

Then today, Saturday, was the party. 

We when got to the venue to set up there was a little water being pumped out from this crazy storm SoCal had

We took some fun photos 

My sister and I

My awesome brothers 

First time all 4 siblings have been together in almost 9 years. 

Siblings and mom

Birthday girl in the middle, 90 years young!!!!

I love my family soo much!!!

After party at my aunt’s house

And now I’m ready for sleep.