Question and answer


Yesterday morning I went to a Bikram Yoga class with my roommate for the first time in…..idk probably 3ish years. OMG was it brutal!!!!!!!!! I remember going when I was in good shape and loved it and thought it was not easy but I didn’t usually feel like I was going to die. I had to sit down several times and felt nauseous through the entire second half of the class, but I will get better!!!

I went home and ate everything in site, took a shower then laid down and ended up napping for about 20 minutes before getting ready for work.

I love the concept of taking a nap but I always wake up feeling groggy and with a slight headache and it takes me FOREVER to fully wake up. But other people swear by mid-day naps, this got me thinking about the things people swear by and thought I would do a little question and answer session. I am going to answer some question and ask that you comment your answers as well!

Here we go:

Naps: for or against?

I am for them but not sure they are for me

Coffee or tea?

Oddly both. I will generally take coffee over tea most days but as I get older my stomach doesn’t always handle coffee as well.

Starbucks or independent?

Both but I heavily favor Starbucks. Because they are corporate they are very consistent, I know what I am going to get every time. I like some independent coffee places but most of the time they are not strong enough for me and therefore not worth the calories of the frothy drinks I get.

Your favorite color?

Some people have their favorite color play a HUGE part in their life, mine plays a moderate part in my life, its is green, pretty much all shades found in nature.

Running: people tend to either love it or hate it

Of course I love it, I just hate having to get back in shape.

Books: take em or leave em?

TAKE EM! 100% take up for me, I am a total book lover. As I get older though I am now going to book binge periods, like I wont read for 4-5 months then I will devour 5 books in 3 days. Though I am trying to fix that by making a book club with my friends on Facebook. We are reading 1 book a month. I have 3 days to finish June’s book and I am on chapter 2. But I can do it! hahaha.

What is your phobia?

Arachnophobia for sure, I hate spiders, they skeeve me out, but I am much better than I used to be. If push comes to shove I am usually kill one if there is no one else to do it and if it is small enough and on the other side of the room I will generally just leave it alone.

I also have trypophobia, which is a fear of holes, sounds super weird but Google trypophobia and tell me some of those pictures don’t make your skin crawl, also this phobia is not recognized as a true phobia in the scientific community. This is one I am definitely working on because in the medical field I am going to see all kinds of gross things and I cannot run away from them.

Favorite food?

Pizza hands down,  very close second is Mexican food.

Hot or cold weather?

Generally I would take cold over hot because I can always put more layers on, you can only take so much off when it is hot. I do get to a point though where I have been in the cold too long and am sick of it.

Ideal vacation?

Truthfully my ideal vacation is a little cottage on the beach, like an East coast, Oregon/Washington coast kind of beach, sweater weather. Going for walks/runs in the misty morning air, and lounging in the house the rest of the day with books and movies and a fire going. Having pizza and floor picnics, afternoon naps. Just super relaxing. For a whole week.

Hilariously, though this is my ideal vacation, it is also the vacation I have never taken. My vacations tend to be go, go, go. The closest I got was 2 days at my bf’s family beach house last November.

I can’t wait to read your answers!!! And if you have any other questions feel free to ask!


Book Review**The Anatomist’s Wife

This was a cute fun book. It took a little bit to get into it, the beginning was a little slow; which is interesting since there wasn’t much back story you just sort of jumped in. I read it in one day, it is not a difficult read, I sat down one Sunday after work when I had no HW and just read straight through.

Of course I loved the little bit of medical knowledge that was in here, after all everything I am doing right now is leading to becoming a doctor of physical therapy so I extra enjoyed that part.

It wasn’t a terribly deep book, there wasn’t much character development in my opinion (seems to be a theme with the books I have been reading lately lol, guess when I read right now I want a break from thinking hahaha).

Overall it was an enjoyable book and I would recommend it for a vacation or spring break type of book.

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think?

Hello from not so sunny California 

Hi!!!! Wednesday morning I flew to my hometown of Long Beach, CA for my grandmas 90th birthday party!!!

After an errand with my mom we hit In ‘n’ Out

Yep, my priorities are in check hahahaha!! 

Got a new shirt from Costco 

Met my friend for a little workout 

After 2 miles someone tells me you arent allowed to run only walk……say what??!!! So i walked 2 more miles with my friend while we chatted….but I don’t need to come here again. 

Went out for dinner and dancing…..on a Thursday night hahahaha. 

Friday we did some preparations for the big birthday party

Then today, Saturday, was the party. 

We when got to the venue to set up there was a little water being pumped out from this crazy storm SoCal had

We took some fun photos 

My sister and I

My awesome brothers 

First time all 4 siblings have been together in almost 9 years. 

Siblings and mom

Birthday girl in the middle, 90 years young!!!!

I love my family soo much!!!

After party at my aunt’s house

And now I’m ready for sleep. 


Hawaii day 5 and heading home

By day 5 i needed to relax so while the girls went out i thoroughly enjoyed having the condo to myself and reading pretty much all day.



I took a break from reading to go for a run on the lovely overcast day with some drizzle coming down.


And yes when i say lovely, i mean lovely. The drizzling helped a bit with the temperature.
Though the humiditing mixed with the drizzling led to me dripping sweat.


A lot of it.

After running i enjoyed a delicious simple lunch



Then i contined to read for the rest of the day until the girls got back and we all went to dinner at Duke’s. I had Ahmazing fish tacos!!!

Today was pretty much all traveling. A cab picked me up at 9:45. It took me an hour to get through security, Hawaii’s airport is packed.

Then i spent 5 hours in a plan then a $50 cab ride later i was sitting on my porch waiting for my roommates dad to let me in with the spare key since i somehow didn’t pack mine.

And now i am finally in my own bed so excited to go to sleep.


How was your weekend?

Hawaii day 4

We got up sort of early again and hit Pearl Harbor.


It was definitely a moving experience




My souvenir was a book 😌
After Pearl Harbor we went to a local coffee farm.




They had soooo many different coffee flavors it was insane!! Yes i bought several samples lol


After coffee was had it was time to see where the coffee came from!



First comes the flour


Then green berries


Then red ‘cherries’

After the coffee farm it was Luau time!!



The pig.


The dancing and entertainment was great but i have to admit the food was lacking for me. Being as i am not eating meat they had 1 fish option and it left a lot to be desired in my opinion. But it was still a great night!

Now for a dilemma, i feel like we have been going going going since we got here, which i understand and enjoy, you want to get in everything you can while you are here. On the other hand to me part of a vacation is taking some time to relax from our hectic everyday lives amd i feel like we haven’t done that and don’t plan to.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Hawaii and the plan for the girls is hitting up a macadamian nut farm, possibly snorkelling then hanging out at a beach and maybe surfing. Those things could be fun but are nothing that i am dying to do. So do i stay at the condo tomorrow and relax or go out with them?

Part of me feels like if i don’t go out with them i am wasting the day but i also feel like I’m going to be exhausted for work and life when i get back if i don’t take the time to rest. Desicions, decisions.

What would you do?

What does your perfect vacation look like?

Monday Motivation**December 7, 2015


This is such a good one because i haven’t been drinking enough water lately.

Monday- today i was relaxing, saying goodbye to family and flying home.

Tuesday- 7pm training appt

Wednesday- walk the dog, bike at home

Thursday- 7pm training appt

Friday-walk the dog, run 1.5 miles

Saturday/Sunday run 2 miles, walk the dog.

Artemis and i are still getting into a walking schedule.

Here is to a great week ahead!!!

Weekend Catch-up

Being back home, and yes a part of me will always consider LB home, especially while the majority of my family is here, has been great. I wish i had more time to see everyone i wanted to see and that i was fully recovered from this cold so i wasn’t so exhausted but it’s still been an good weekend.

Mom and i walked to Starbucks Saturday morning for breakfast amd a workout.


  Saturday afternoon my friend took me to the movies amd we say ‘the 33’


It was sooooo good!!!!

Sunday morning mom and i met my sister, bother in law, niece and nephew for breakfast where i ate way too much but it was delicious! On the way there we saw this


I think this is the first time i have actually ever seen this in real life.

My my uncle and his wife and my other aunt met us for lunch and my grandma’s. And for dinner i had a terriyaki beef bowl from this whole in the wall place across the street that is freaking amazing!!!!  Once again i ate too much. This whole day i was boarding on being uncomfortably full, my family tends to congregate around food. I’m gonna have to start working my butt off and eating healthy again.

Ok now it’s sleep time, my eyes won’t stay open.

What did you do this weekend?

Where your food choices better than mine?


It has been a rough month and through one of those rough situations i booked a semi-last minute plane ticket to try to rectify a situation. That situation can no long be rectified but the ticket had already been paid for so i get a long weekend in my home town with family and friends!!!!!


Long Beach!!!!  LBC baby!! Trying to be inconspicuous since im hanging at the airport waiting for my bestie to pick me up.


Awesome airport remodel Long Beach.


Yep, we diverse lol.

Just being here is putting a smile on my face.

Did i mention only 2 people know in advance that i am coming. Suprise family!!!

My friend picked me up from the airport and we hit my favorite Mexican restaurant Super Mex


Desimated that.

Enchiladas and quesadilla.


My $3 water from the airport lol. I put some Nuun in it for vitamins and electrolytes.

And now its time for me to pass out. Its been a long day.

Talk to you tomorrow!!!!!

My Labor day weekend

So originally i was supposed to be hiking 84 miles of the PCT this weekend but there are like 8 wildfires going on above and below me and i would have been hiking out there. I didn’t check to see if the wildfires were where i was going to be but with the smoke and storms and wind doing who knows what to the fires and the directions they were going i decided not to chance it. The trail will be there later.

I still enjoyed my 3 days off work and did close to nothing and loved it!!!!

Then Friday night my boyfriend and i headed to the coast for a long weekend. It was wonderful!


That was the view from our room, ot was so beautiful!
I ate my weight in clam chowder and of course hit a candy shop and got some salt water taffy.


We watched the wild life.
We climbed some rocks and saw whales and a leopard sea lion, which was super cool.


I had a smile plastered to my face most of the weekend.


I stood by and watched while he climbed some rocks i didnt want to climb lol.

He goes to the coast a lot so he knew some cool places to explore that i never would have found.

Overall it was a great weekend!

Though i ate way too much and didnt really exercise at all and i felt it in how bloated i was. Time for healthy food and a system clean out. And lots and lots and lots of water.

What did you do over labor day weekend?

Did you get in any workouts?