Hawaii day 5 and heading home

By day 5 i needed to relax so while the girls went out i thoroughly enjoyed having the condo to myself and reading pretty much all day.



I took a break from reading to go for a run on the lovely overcast day with some drizzle coming down.


And yes when i say lovely, i mean lovely. The drizzling helped a bit with the temperature.
Though the humiditing mixed with the drizzling led to me dripping sweat.


A lot of it.

After running i enjoyed a delicious simple lunch



Then i contined to read for the rest of the day until the girls got back and we all went to dinner at Duke’s. I had Ahmazing fish tacos!!!

Today was pretty much all traveling. A cab picked me up at 9:45. It took me an hour to get through security, Hawaii’s airport is packed.

Then i spent 5 hours in a plan then a $50 cab ride later i was sitting on my porch waiting for my roommates dad to let me in with the spare key since i somehow didn’t pack mine.

And now i am finally in my own bed so excited to go to sleep.


How was your weekend?

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