Training Video

Hey guys,

I went out for a short training hike today and took a short video 🙂

It will take some time for me to get used to videoing myself hahaha

Talk to you soon!

Food Prep

Hi!!! Whoa! We are at less than 5 months!!!! Planning and preparation are in full swing here!

I have all 123 of my breakfasts made (obviously not including the meals i am buying along the way) and maybe 13 lunches made. The counters are almost always covered in things to make our meals with..


In the fridge there are partial meals, bags where i have some of the ingredients dehydrated but not everything yet.


(in case your are curious this is what dehydrated salsa looks like hahaha)

My fabulous gift of a dehydrator is a permeant fixture on our counter


(along with scraps of parchment paper lol)

And i am taking over the freezer in our garage



This bag is stuffed with Niagara bars, which are actually pretty yummy they have; oats, flour, sesame seeds, brown sugar, cinnamon, salt, powdered milk, oil, honey, vanilla and i added some dried fruit. They are like homemade granola bars. Such an awesome easy breakfast on the trail no cooking and no cleanup.

That is what is going on in our household right now, lots of food prep and organizing.

Talk to you soon!!!