Road trip!!!!

Hi everyone!!!! Well today is the beginning of our journey. Mom and i left home this morning after spending all day yesterday packing up all my stuff and finishing my resupply boxes.



The car is jam packed with stuff, it has our suitcases for a week of visiting, our backpacks and 3 resupplys worth of food. Along with other junk.


Had to pick up my road trip food


And mom’s road trip addiction


And we are on our way!!!!

Super awesome….mom and i decided to check out where the PCT is closest to Mojave. We found the trail then crossed over a bridge to get back on the hwy and who should be at the bottom of the ramp but a hitchhiking backpacker!!!!

Mom and i picked up William, a south bound section hiker. We were super stoked by this!!!!

The end of an era

….or should i say the end of a decade.

Hi everyone!!! How are you guys?
I’m good. Got a lot of errands done today one of which was saying goodbye to my car.
At 17 i moved back to my hometown to finish high school with my friends, i rented a room from my aunt and got a job to pay rent. My parents bought me a used car so i could get to work and school. This little car got me back to California then back to Nevada, got me through college, got me to Portland and now back home. Since i wont be using a car for half the year i am passing my car onto my brother. My mom is going to lend me her car when i am in town….i am now a pedestrian lol.


Don’t try and stalk me by the plates, they are being turned in and going to someone else lol.

Goodbye my little car, i will miss you, you have been great to me and got me through so much.

More checks off the list

Hi everyone,

The trail is fast approaching!  With that I am gathering up the last few things I need.


Got my watch, which tells the date and time as well as being water resistant to 100m. I already tested it in the shower to make sure it can survive in the rain.


Got some cheap and lightweight camp shoes……I know, my socks and tights are awesome too hahaha!


Mom’ago gaiters


My gaiters, I was drawn to the honeycomb design, hopefully that is a good sign…..

Gaiters are things that go over the top of your shoes to help prevent rocks from getting in.
We got ours from Dirty Girl Gaiters.



Colapsable, lightweight trowel……I think you can figure out what that’s for…’s a hint, there are no  toilets in the wilderness.


Yummy snack


These give me electrolytes and energy.


Cute postcards to send to friends and family!


Cold weather gloves….on clearance at REI 🙂


This was my mom’s suggestion, you dip it in cold water and put it on your neck to stay cool.


Cheap clearance goggles!  These are for those crazy windy days…..and yes they happen and it gets that crazy windy.


Necklaces to wear on the full moon and new moon…..gotta stay in touch with nature. Moonstone and labradorite (I think I spelled that right)

Time to start upping our water intake.

Hi everyone!!!!!

Oh my goodness, mom and I start the trail in 3 weeks!!!!!

With that being said it is time to start upping our water intake.

On dry spots on the trail when you get to a water source you’ camel up’. This means that you clean your water then drink as much as possible then clean more to take with you.

Doing this means you stay hydrated longer, you don’t have to dip into your water stash until later in your day.

With that little background now stated we can talk about why mom and I need to start drinking more water before we even start the trail.

Most people are never fully hydrated, we get some water fro, the coffee we drink and soda etc. But still most of us don’t get the full amount of water our bodies need to function at their optimal level.

Something that will help us in the desert is to be fully hydrated when we start.

Today is March 16. This week’s goal will be to drink 1 liter of water every day…..that is not including any coffee or other beverages, just pure water.


My camelbak is one liter. That is 32oz or 4 full glasses of water.

For the 2 weeks before the trail the goal will be double that,  so 2 litters of water a day. That will get us to full hydration. …….at least according to science lol.

Care to do it with us? I promise all it can do is help you 🙂

Talk to you soon!


Hi Everyone!

So since money unfortunately has been an issue for me, my Aunt just sent me a text about a website called Gofundme.

I googled it and set up an account. If you are interested in donating to my PCT hike here is the link:

Anything and everything is appreciated. I don’t enjoy asking for money, it is very humbling, but I won’t let my pride stand in the way of experiencing the best hike possible.

Thank you!

Mt. Rose

Hi Everyone!!!

Today mom and i strapped on our backpacks to get out and do a test hike.


There was a lot more snow than we thought but it was still so much fun.

I got to load my pack up with all (well most of) my gear.


Mom said she had fun and i think this made her feel better about doing her part of the trail.

There was so much snow we stopped being able to follow the trail about half way up so we just walked around in the snow for awhile.

Ok for some reason my other video won’t be “found” from Youtube so here is the link

Arg i can’t wait for my next paycheck so i can just buy videopress and directly load videos from my phone…..

Anyways, after our fun test hike we got some delicious lunch!!



Then we hit Win-co Foods to get some bulk bin candy and food.

And ended the day with a quick stop at REI to pick up a keychain temperature gauge.


Talk to you later!!!