The end of an era

….or should i say the end of a decade.

Hi everyone!!! How are you guys?
I’m good. Got a lot of errands done today one of which was saying goodbye to my car.
At 17 i moved back to my hometown to finish high school with my friends, i rented a room from my aunt and got a job to pay rent. My parents bought me a used car so i could get to work and school. This little car got me back to California then back to Nevada, got me through college, got me to Portland and now back home. Since i wont be using a car for half the year i am passing my car onto my brother. My mom is going to lend me her car when i am in town….i am now a pedestrian lol.


Don’t try and stalk me by the plates, they are being turned in and going to someone else lol.

Goodbye my little car, i will miss you, you have been great to me and got me through so much.

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