Mt. Rose

Hi Everyone!!!

Today mom and i strapped on our backpacks to get out and do a test hike.


There was a lot more snow than we thought but it was still so much fun.

I got to load my pack up with all (well most of) my gear.


Mom said she had fun and i think this made her feel better about doing her part of the trail.

There was so much snow we stopped being able to follow the trail about half way up so we just walked around in the snow for awhile.

Ok for some reason my other video won’t be “found” from Youtube so here is the link

Arg i can’t wait for my next paycheck so i can just buy videopress and directly load videos from my phone…..

Anyways, after our fun test hike we got some delicious lunch!!



Then we hit Win-co Foods to get some bulk bin candy and food.

And ended the day with a quick stop at REI to pick up a keychain temperature gauge.


Talk to you later!!!

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