Hi Everyone!

So since money unfortunately has been an issue for me, my Aunt just sent me a text about a website called Gofundme.

I googled it and set up an account. If you are interested in donating to my PCT hike here is the link:


Anything and everything is appreciated. I don’t enjoy asking for money, it is very humbling, but I won’t let my pride stand in the way of experiencing the best hike possible.

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Gofundme

  1. Woo! It does suck to ask for money! I’ll share it on Facebook to help out 😉 if that’s ok of course!

  2. Pardon me for being so uncouth as to actually write what many, I suspect, are thinking when we run across all these GOFUNDME requests from hikers who, essentially, are looking for strangers to fund a five month vacation. And what is that reaction? Well, I find it a bit distasteful. I’ve even heard of hikers who apply for Food stamps and then use their EBT cards when they get to town. This doesn’t do much to magnify the impression of hikers (who, if you read the blogs, seem to see the PCT hike as an adrenaline sporting event which is only broken up by drunken gonzo zero days in towns). Nobody takes a zero on the trail anymore. But that is a separate point. Might I suggest a different strategy. The great enviro writer, Ed Abbey, used to work as a seasonal employee of the park service. He then would spend his off season to pursue his passion (which was writing) along with collecting his unemployment check. Or you might just want to live frugally and save money the old fashioned way. Funding a vacation through the Internet is not an attractive thing to do.

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