Food, the never ending project

Hi everyone!!!!! I hope everyone is doing well. Sadly my antibiotics ended and within 4 days I was feeling sick again. I’ll have to call my doctor and get a stronger, longer dose. I also think this is the universe telling me to start tapering off my subbing until the trail. I think I’ll limit myself to 3 days a week now and 2 weeks before we leave I’ll take it down to 2 days a week. This way I’m still earning some money but am giving myself lots of rest and prep time.
    Anyways my dehydrator is going pretty much every day. I’m starring to pack my food up in 1 day quantities.


This way I don’t have to search for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks everyday.
   I already have mom and I’s 9 days of food all packed up.
So this is what we will have in our packs when we start the trail.


Amazon and Costco are my food buying friends. I am ordering from Amazon at least once a week lol



I’ve also started buying VIA coffee and refreshers for the trail.
The VIA coffee I am putting in little baggies with sugar and non-fat milk powder so all I have to do is add hot water.


We tried the VIA today and wow did mom not like it lol. I think she was expecting home brewed coffee or her frappachino instead of instant coffee and dry milk powder hahahahaha. Reality check mom, when you need a caffeine boost just chug it, its not gonna taste amazing. The sacrifices we make on the trail.

4 thoughts on “Food, the never ending project

  1. Hi Ariana, Im just curious, have you calculated the shipping costs? How many re supply boxes are you preparing? I thought about it, but I think I will just get food at the grocery stores in towns. On the other hand, I would prefer to eat nutritious food. I can’t decide.

    1. I am using flat rate boxes. Its like $18.95/box or something close to that. I’m sending myself 14 boxes. I know the shipping is costly but I wanted some healthy vegetarian food. The rest I’ll buy in towns.

      1. Thanks for answering my question Ariana. Also, did you get the cardboard boxes from the post office for free or you have to pay for them?

      2. For free, you don’t pay until you ship them. Just make sure they say flat rate on them, so that no matter how much it weights it costs the same.

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