Hi everyone!!!! Things are good here, still fighting this cold, sinusitis, whatever it is.  I’m sick of being sick.
We are down to Just over 20 days until I leave for southern California. It’s coming fast!
So my first paycheck was just for the week I worked in January but I was able to cross some important things off my list.


My Sun hat and mosquito head net. It’s Ok, you can admit that it’s sexy hahahaha.


A small field repair kit to fix anything that breaks/rips on my tent, sleeping bag, backpack etc.


Biodegradable all-purpose cleaner.


Toe socks! Injinji toe socks, they are supposed to seriously cut down on the blisters. Everything is laying out to dry after I washed it.


Exofficio underwear. They are wicking, quick drying etc.


Lots and lots of ibuprofen. Otherwise referred to as vitamin I. Its a joke because you end up taking so much on the trail.


Cold weather beanie. Got it on sale!


My first buff. A buff is like a bandana but it’s stretchy, moisture wicking, quick dry, etc. I got it on clearance for $7!!! They only had one kind so mom and I ended up with matching buffs lol. I still need to buy a second one.


Poison ivy wash. I think this is self explanatory lol. No poison ivy or poodle dog Bush is going to stop me!

And finally I leave you with a picture of the insanity that is my planning and prepping.


Talk to you soon!!!!!


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