Getting busier and busier

Hi everyone!!!! Things are good here, still fighting this cold, sinusitis, whatever it is.  I’m sick of being sick.
We are down to Just over 20 days until I leave for southern California. It’s coming fast!
So my first paycheck was just for the week I worked in January but I was able to cross some important things off my list.


My Sun hat and mosquito head net. It’s Ok, you can admit that it’s sexy hahahaha.


A small field repair kit to fix anything that breaks/rips on my tent, sleeping bag, backpack etc.


Biodegradable all-purpose cleaner.


Toe socks! Injinji toe socks, they are supposed to seriously cut down on the blisters. Everything is laying out to dry after I washed it.


Exofficio underwear. They are wicking, quick drying etc.


Lots and lots of ibuprofen. Otherwise referred to as vitamin I. Its a joke because you end up taking so much on the trail.


Cold weather beanie. Got it on sale!


My first buff. A buff is like a bandana but it’s stretchy, moisture wicking, quick dry, etc. I got it on clearance for $7!!! They only had one kind so mom and I ended up with matching buffs lol. I still need to buy a second one.


Poison ivy wash. I think this is self explanatory lol. No poison ivy or poodle dog Bush is going to stop me!

And finally I leave you with a picture of the insanity that is my planning and prepping.


Talk to you soon!!!!!

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