Ariana’s travel tips


  1. plan, plan, plan- I know some people like to fly by the seat of their pants and that is great but in some cases you need to plan. If you are not on a budget then you might have a little more room to play with this but if you are on a budget, as I always am, planning is your best friend. Also if you only have a limited amount of time planning ahead can save you hours of wasted time standing in line.
  2. research- Groupon is international if you didn’t know. For most places if you do a little research you can find inexpensive skip the line passes, semi-guided tours, activities and so much more at reduced costs and it definitely saves you on those hours in line.
    1. planning and research also help you squeeze in as much as possible in a short time period. For example we are packing Venice into a day and a half then on our last day in Venice which would have been a 3/4 day anyways we are instead taking the train and spending a few hours each in Verona, Florence and Pisa before laying our heads down in our AirBnB accommodations in Rome.
  3. Think outside the box when it comes to lodging- you don’t have to stay in a nice hotel to feel luxurious when traveling. If you once again research you can find nice places for a lot less expensive. I have stayed in some seriously nice hostels and and used AirBnB several times when I have travelled. If you are traveling with friends AirBnB is a great choice. We have accommodations in the heart of Venice, Rome and Barcelona through AirBnB that are less than $150/night,  whole apartment in each place, split the cost between everyone and you are looking at $20-30/night for each person in a nice place. and having and entire apartment means you have a kitchen so you can hit the market and make a few meals to save some money. You are still eating locally!!!
  4. Do a few things that aren’t overrun by tourists- on my first morning in Venice after some coffee and a pastry I plan on walking the opposite direction of the crowds and will continue to do this. That is how I will explore Venice, going the opposite direction of the crowds (obviously do a little research on places you should avoid and use common sense, if you turn down a street and it feels sketchy, backtrack quickly).
  5. Safety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Be safe, research the places you are going, know the areas to avoid, know the laws and customs. Pay attention to the dress code. If something or someone doesn’t feel right get out of that situation and place ASAP. Think before you act. If you are alone, don’t get so drunk that you are impaired. That movie TAKEN with Liam Neeson is a fun thriller but it is also real, people are kidnapped and murdered every day, enjoy your vacation but be smart and be aware.
  6. common sense should see you through-if you wouldn’t do it at home don’t do it abroad. Again take 10 minutes and learn about the place that your are going, I would sunbath topless in Ibiza, I would cover all tattoos and most skin in the middle east, different place different experience.
  7. Check in. Give someone at least a vague itinerary of where you will be and when you will be there and when you will be home so someone will know if you don’t arrive. Try and check in at least ever 72 hours (I tend to check in at least once every 24 hours) you can find a free or very cheap internet café almost anywhere. And most cell phones have international coverage if you check. It will cost me $.55 every day to send 1 text message to my mom and get one back from her both acknowledging we know I am alive. $.55/day is not much to ensure piece of mind.
  8. Be a dork. Take selfies and make stupid faces and journal and take videos. Who cares what the people around you think, in 5, 10, 15 years you are going to be so glad you can look back on those memories.
  9. Be respectful. It may not be your culture, religion or favorite food but it is theirs. You wouldn’t want someone to bad mouth your way of life so don’t do that to anyone else. You don’t have to believe in it or even accept it but don’t be mean about it. Step to the side, quietly leave the church, discreetly bow out of the ceremony, say thank you and try the tiniest bite you can manage.
  10. lastly HAVE FUN!!!!! You may never be back, you may never experience something like this again so drink it all in. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way and truly live this experience.

Post New Years and randomness

Hi!!!! I hope you had a great New Years!!! Mine was fun but too excessive.

I went out in New Year’s Eve with my roommate, we went dancing and drinking. My intention was to party and i did. I dont drink much anymore so 6 shots in about 3 hours resulted in some lovely alcohol poisening for me. I couldn’t even keep water down until about 2pm on Friday. Then i ordered a pizza and stuffed cheesy bread that i snacked on the rest of the day. Between the greasy pizza and gatorade and water i survived. But this endeavor did prompt me to decided to give up alcohol for the 2016 year. I just really don’t need it and  never feel good with the after effects. I have also gone back to being a vegetarian. I just feel so much better without meat in my system.

My desk at work is ready for the new year.



A fun dake aquirium from my roommate to help me look forward to Hawaii!!

Remember those PR and run 50 states boards i liked. Here is what i have so far


I don’t think thats too shabby.



Yep, i made that! Lol
My christmas/new years gift to myself is this


It has some super awesome stuff in it!!!





I am super stoked for it. It is really going to help my training and see where i need improvements and where i can back off. It’s going to be great to help me get safely though all my races this year.

How was your New Years?

An accomplished Saturday

Hi all!!!!
I hope you had a great Saturday! I actually feel like i accomplished a good amount. I set my alarm for 7 am sp i could get up and make it to an 8am spin class….my first. My alarm went off and I said “yea, no” and rolled back over. But then i was awake so i figured ok ill get up and go. Then my sweet sweet puppy crawled up and put her head in the crook of my shoulder cuddle. It was soooo precious! So i laid there and  cuddled with her for about 15 min until she moved. Then i got my butt up and made it to class just time to figure the seat amd peddles out and hear the instructor say “today we are doing hills”………may i just say spinning is a freaking workout! Damn!


This is me afterwards exhausted trying to show you i drank 3/4 of my liter water bottle in that hour spin class.


24 hour fitness is also having a clearance on my favorite protein bars so i am slowly stocking up as long as the sale is on.

I came home got ready andy roommates and i went to E’s parents house which is a farm and cut down outlr Christmas tree!!! A first for me.


It was actully quite fun!
I also fell in love with the house and land and now want to buy it for my farm and Inn LOL.

Came home and relaxed the tonight i went to the movies with E and saw  Christmas with the coopers….actually quite a cute movie.

How was your Saturday?
So anything fun?

Thirsty Thursday

Happy Thursday!!!! Or as it used to be refered to in college thirsty Thursday. All college bars have deals on drinks tonight just an fyi hahaha.

My thirsty thursday consisted of lota od water everywhere


And a little hail at some point according to my coworkers.


I hit the gym and remembered to finally take a pic of the spinning class schedule so i can start training for next years triathalon!!!

Todays training session became half weights have swimming when we realized there was a swim class from 6:30-7:30. So i got a double workout woot woot!!! Swimming felt better today and i am getting in the pool twice next week!


Yay!!! A freshly made bed with clean sheets!!! Take a look now, between me and the dog by tomorrow it will be a tangled mess of sheets.

I love her to death but sometimes she kills me with the way she sleeps.


Speaking of Ms Artemis ……..sometimes she is so cute!!!!


Quick selfie before bed!!! Yep Harry Potter is on in the background :mrgreen:

At 3:50ish tomorrow morning the boyfriend boards 1 of 3 flights it will take him to get to India for work and he will be gone for a week.

I cannot wait for his work to slow down, it is really stressing our relationship.

Goddess help us get through the next 4 weeks!!!!

Goodnight and swetlet dreams to all!!!

How was your thirsty Thursday? Did you partake in something stronger than water?

Random Wednesday Wonderings


My cheap replacement for my morning Starbucks. I get 4 bottles for the price of a grande. Not as strong but it’s something to help the budget now and then.


Got this water bottle at the airport and it’s a quart. 2 of these a day and i am set! Yes i refill and reuse plastic water bottles for like a month.


I have been drinking more and more tea lately.


Leftover delicious lentil Bolognese for lunch!


Next years calendar for my desk at work!!! I am such a dork i love to go through and write the years stuff on a calendar. Holidays, birthdays, full moons, new moons, paydays, and races. New years eve at work should be really slow so I’ll do it then :mrgreen:


Artemis likes to surprise me every once and a while by eating one of my socks. And she always picks the good ones……

I got in a good workout today so that helped improve my day.

Took the dog for a walk. Did 40 min on the recombent bike and 40 minutes on the treadmill.

How was your Wednesday?

Monday Motivation**December 7, 2015


This is such a good one because i haven’t been drinking enough water lately.

Monday- today i was relaxing, saying goodbye to family and flying home.

Tuesday- 7pm training appt

Wednesday- walk the dog, bike at home

Thursday- 7pm training appt

Friday-walk the dog, run 1.5 miles

Saturday/Sunday run 2 miles, walk the dog.

Artemis and i are still getting into a walking schedule.

Here is to a great week ahead!!!

Time to start upping our water intake.

Hi everyone!!!!!

Oh my goodness, mom and I start the trail in 3 weeks!!!!!

With that being said it is time to start upping our water intake.

On dry spots on the trail when you get to a water source you’ camel up’. This means that you clean your water then drink as much as possible then clean more to take with you.

Doing this means you stay hydrated longer, you don’t have to dip into your water stash until later in your day.

With that little background now stated we can talk about why mom and I need to start drinking more water before we even start the trail.

Most people are never fully hydrated, we get some water fro, the coffee we drink and soda etc. But still most of us don’t get the full amount of water our bodies need to function at their optimal level.

Something that will help us in the desert is to be fully hydrated when we start.

Today is March 16. This week’s goal will be to drink 1 liter of water every day…..that is not including any coffee or other beverages, just pure water.


My camelbak is one liter. That is 32oz or 4 full glasses of water.

For the 2 weeks before the trail the goal will be double that,  so 2 litters of water a day. That will get us to full hydration. …….at least according to science lol.

Care to do it with us? I promise all it can do is help you 🙂

Talk to you soon!