An accomplished Saturday

Hi all!!!!
I hope you had a great Saturday! I actually feel like i accomplished a good amount. I set my alarm for 7 am sp i could get up and make it to an 8am spin class….my first. My alarm went off and I said “yea, no” and rolled back over. But then i was awake so i figured ok ill get up and go. Then my sweet sweet puppy crawled up and put her head in the crook of my shoulder cuddle. It was soooo precious! So i laid there and  cuddled with her for about 15 min until she moved. Then i got my butt up and made it to class just time to figure the seat amd peddles out and hear the instructor say “today we are doing hills”………may i just say spinning is a freaking workout! Damn!


This is me afterwards exhausted trying to show you i drank 3/4 of my liter water bottle in that hour spin class.


24 hour fitness is also having a clearance on my favorite protein bars so i am slowly stocking up as long as the sale is on.

I came home got ready andy roommates and i went to E’s parents house which is a farm and cut down outlr Christmas tree!!! A first for me.


It was actully quite fun!
I also fell in love with the house and land and now want to buy it for my farm and Inn LOL.

Came home and relaxed the tonight i went to the movies with E and saw  Christmas with the coopers….actually quite a cute movie.

How was your Saturday?
So anything fun?

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