Monday Motivation 

Wooohooo Christmas week!!!

Monday: Insanity day 7

Tuesday: PM Strength then 2.25 miles fast (11.25) and .2 mile hills x 6 at a 3.5 incline

Wednesday: OFF Winter Solstice!!!

Thursday: PM strength and 4 miles @ tempo (12:30)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Spin class then swim 750M (this may alter depending if the gym has a spin class or not) 

Sunday: 10 easy miles then yoga.   Merry Christmas!!!!

What are your holiday plans?

August mile a day challenge

Hi friends!!!  I am going to try a little challenge on the blog!! I hope you will join in.

It is going to be very simple, travel a mile a day on your own energy.

You can:

walk, bike, swim, run, row and anything else you can think of that can take you the distance. For anything water based there are 1609.34 meters in a mile. As for steps in a mile i found this on beach body blog:


it is also totally ok to combine several of these to make a mile, you could swim 800M and walk half a mile or swim 400m, walk half a mile and row 400m, you chose each day how you want to do this.

However you do it just get that mile in.

check in on social media with #augustmileaday

follow me for the challenge:





Who is in?



Confessions time…..

My confession is that I suffer from road rage. Anyone who rides in the car with me ends of laughing their butt off then wondering why the heck people are going so slow. By the time the car ride is over you agree with me, but don’t worry it doesn’t follow you into your car. I will tell and gesture emphatically,  not like flipping people off (they could be armed I’m not risking it) but like both hands up in the air or waving at you to get over if you are in the fast lane. Sometimes it’s bad lol. My roommate experienced this for the first time on our road trip hiking adventure.  OK confession over. 

Now for the good stuff. My post it collection at work is growing

First there was this

Now there is this

I sooooo did not want to go to the gym after work, soreness from strength training was setting in and the panda express but tired me out but I bargained with myself that I only has to spin for 20 min so I dragged my butt there

And my mom called me about 7 min in, thankfully the room was empty so I chatted with her for almost 20 min and that helped.

Then to home I went for bolognase!!!

I will leave you with my sweet sweet girl!!

Monday Motivation




Check in on last week:

Monday: Swim 800m after work Completed

Tuesday: AM strength with trainer, Spin for 30 min after work Completed

Wednesday: Run 3 miles before work w/ Artemis This changed to a speed work after a showing at night but completed

Thursday: AM strength with trainer, Spin for 30 min after work Completed

Friday: Run 3 miles before work w/ Artemis, Swim 850m after work Did not happen, i got frusted with life and just relaxed on the couch 

Saturday: 8am Spin class, Swim 850 m Also did not happen. I was bad and stayed up waaay too late friday night so an 8am spin class was not happening and of course once you skip one workout its just soooo easy to keep skipping

Sunday: Run 10 miles This turned into a 6 plus mile hike and a 12 hour day hahaha, but it was a nice hike. 


Now for this week:

Monday: PM Swim 800M

Tuesday: AM strength, PM Spin

Wednesday:AM Run, PM Swim 850M

Thursday: AM Strength, PM Swim 850M

Friday: OFF

Saturday:AM spin class

Sunday: 11 mile run


Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!

Happy Thursday night.

I am starting to plan next week’s meals and was looking at snacks and this totally jumped out at me on pintrest 

This is totally happening. 

Once again I didn’t have enough snacks (something I really need to think about for next week)

So I got taco bell tacos

On the plus side it was ice cream day and I abstained. And yes I also ate the apple. 

After work I met my roommate at home and off to the gym we went! 

Spun for 30 min

After I finished cycling I went upstairs to the den of cardiovascular to find my roommate, she was still on the step machine so I figured, if you can’t drag them out of there, join them, so 6 minutes of stepping I did. My calves were on fire!!!!

I had a diet coke today and it was yummy. I rarely drink soda so I really savor it when I do

Do you drink soda?

What is your favorite fast food place?

Mine is Del Taco, thankfully the are only 2 in Oregon and neither are super close by. 

Happy Tuesday!!!!

Today started off good, i hit the gym and had a training session with my trainer. It was hard but didnt kill me, we backed off a bit so that i wouldn’t be soooo sore that i couldnt do anything else hahaha.

Then off to work i went!

So i have a designated bowl at work that i use just for oatmeal that i keep stocked in my drawer, AKA second breakfast.


I would say this happens at least 2-3 days a week. I make the oatmeal then fill the bowl with water and let it sit until just before i leave then i wipe it out for tomorrow

Oatmeal turns into cemente if you dont soak the dish or clean it right away.

I have been being good so far this week and bringing fruit for snacks, like this delicious nectarine

I knew I was going to workout twice today and didn’t bring enough food so on my lunch I hit taco bell for some crunchy tacos fresco style 

Later came my delicious 2nd lunch

My slow cooker apricot chicken and rice

After work I headed to the gym for a 30min spin

This is the look on my face when I am tired and forgot a 2nd shirt for my second workout so I put in the stinky still damp shirt from this mornings workout 

Then I headed home quick to see the puppies.

This is what I come home to most days

Release the kraken!!!!!

Click on the word kraken so see the video. 

She was very excited about dinner, she got leftover apricot chicken juice in her kibble. 

Did you enjoy your dinner as much as she did?

I did I had more kielbasa sausage 

Monday Motivation **June 13, 2016


This picture really hits home for me right now. I’ve been taking more days off than normal lately. I’m feeling a bit burned out. I think after my half marathon this weekend I might take a full week off then really buckle back down.
After that it’s the triathlon in September and the marathon in October then I’m taking at least 2-3 weeks off.

So that being said, here’s the plan for the week

Monday- ran 2.15 miles

Tuesday- OFF

Wednesday- Swim 800m

Thursday- spin class

Friday- walk 1 mile

Saturday – Rock and Roll half marathon!!!!

Sunday- OFF

Wednesday motivation**June 1, 2016

A little late this week because of the holiday but better late than never!


I am working on this. Being tired has been been an excuse for me lately, stressing about a place to live hasn’t helped that at all. Time to recommit!!

Monday-OFF traveling

Tueaday- AM training

Wednesday- 30 min spin after work, a little core work before bed

Thursday-AM swim training, PM 1 miles run

Friday- Run 3 miles before work

Saturday- AM spin class then swim 800m

Sunday- Run 7 miles

Happy Global Running Day!!!!

Home from my trip and the week’s recap

Back to work today!!!

The end my trip was nice, we tried to go to the gym and swim Morning but the pool was closed because the office was closed, don’t ask me to explain it cause i can’t lol.

Then we went to the beach for lunch, which sadly was dissapointing, especially considering the prices, oy.

But the dogs had a blast at the beach!




These pictures make me soooo happy, seeing how happy she is.

20160530_135544 (1)

Mom was freezing though hahaha.

After a LOOOOONG drive home, at least it felt that way there was no way i was cooking


After we got home she was wiped out!


And of course after having been there i had to watch Twilight hahaha


Horrible picture.

Ok recap on last weeks workouts, you can find what the plan was here.

this is what actually happened,

monday: AM strength workout

tuesday: OFF

wednesday: AM swim workoug

thursday: OFF

friday: OFF

saturday: 30 min spin, 20 minutes misc stregth

sunday: 5 mile run


Not my best workout week hahaha.