Good morning!!! Happy Friday!!!

As i write this I am sitting here drinking my coffee out of the mug my man made me and eating a bagel

And of course catching up on last night’s Grey’s Anatomy 

 image from IMDB

This morning i did a little AM yoga 

This was basic beginner yoga and it hurt. I know it’s morning so I’m stiff from sleeping but it has also been a while since I’ve done yoga, time to get back to it!!!!

Last night was my 3rd day in a row of running.

Thankfully my partner got to the gym early and I had to stop so we could pump some iron. I was definitely fatigued last night. 

After a long workout I got my splurge meal

Why does crappy crappy fast food have to taste so good?

Before the gym I had class yesterday, it went well, then I had an interview for an on call part time position. They are going to schedule a 2nd interview so fingers crossed. 

Snacks from yesterday 

My crazy dog

Wednesday I got a run in

Awesome post workout snack

I love food in case you haven’t noticed, not always the best food for me but I try. 

How has your week been?

What is your favorite food?

Monday Motivation 

New Years week!!!!

Monday: Insanity day 8

Tuesday: PM strength then 2:25 miles fast (11:25) and .2 mile hills x 6 at a 4 incline

Wednesday: OFF 

Thursday: PM strength then 4.25 miles @ tempo (12:30)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Spin class then swim 800m (again spin class will depend on the gyms schedule for the holiday week)

Sunday: 11 easy miles then yoga 

Here’s to a GREAT 2017!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday Motivation 

Wooohooo Christmas week!!!

Monday: Insanity day 7

Tuesday: PM Strength then 2.25 miles fast (11.25) and .2 mile hills x 6 at a 3.5 incline

Wednesday: OFF Winter Solstice!!!

Thursday: PM strength and 4 miles @ tempo (12:30)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Spin class then swim 750M (this may alter depending if the gym has a spin class or not) 

Sunday: 10 easy miles then yoga.   Merry Christmas!!!!

What are your holiday plans?

Monday Motivation 

Good morning!!! Happy Monday!!

Lets make this a great week.

Monday: Insanity day 6

Tuesday: PM strength then 2 miles fast (11:30) and .2 mile hills x 6 at a 3.5 incline

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: PM strength and 3.75 miles @ tempo (12:30)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Spin class then swim 700m

Sunday: 9 easy miles then yoga

Any fun plans this week?

Weekly Check in

Its that time again! Did i hit my weekly workout goal?

Here was the plan:

Monday: Insanity Day 2 Got fired, came home, then went out to a celebratory dinner, so did not workout

Tuesday: PM strength training then 1.25 mile fast (11:45 min pace) and .1 mile hills X 6 at a 3 incline Woke up sick

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: PM strength training then 2.5 miles at tempo (12:30) Still sick

Friday: OFF Sick, went for a short walk with Artemis. 

Saturday: Spin class then swim 500m Sick

Sunday: 6 miles easy and yoga Long walk with Artemis. Trying to make sure i dont stay sick longer than nessesary . 


What i did right:……recovered when sick

What i could have done better: Not gotten sick lol

Food: Medium, not horrible but not great

Comment and tell me how you did!

Weekly Check in

Time to check in and see if i made it to all my workouts. Comments will be in bold.

Here was the plan:

Monday: Insanity Day 1 Did not happen, I came home and just wanted to cuddle with my dog. 

Tuesday: PM Strength training and 1 mile fast (for me lol) 12 min mile pace then .1 mile hills x 6 at a 2 incline DONE!!!! Though it was 5 hills instead of 6 because i felt good and did the last hill as .2 miles instead of .1. It felt good, i wasn’t dead after which is awesome progress. 

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: PM Strenght training and 2.5 miles at tempo (12:30, see i told you i am slow) did not happen, took the day off

Friday: OFF actually ran 1.5 miles before heading to the beach

Saturday: Am Spin class followed by 450m swim ran 1.5 miles on the beach and hiked up a giant sand dune

Sunday: 5 miles slow and yoga ran/walked 2.5 miles all over the beach  and up a giant sand dune


How i did: i feel ok with how i did but it could have been better 

What i could have done better: not skipped Mondays workout 

How was my food consumption: ugh not bad but not great. Ate out Thursday through Sunday 

Comment and let me know how your workouts went this week.

Monday Motivation**March 7, 2016



Its the last Monday before Daylight Savings!!!!!!! Enjoy the last dark week 🙂

Monday-  Run 5 min, walk 1:30min X 6

Tuesday- AM strength training

Wednesday- AM swim

Thursday- AM spin class

Friday- OFF

Saturday- Not sure yet, it will either be a hike or Spin class and swim at the gym

Sunday- Yoga and run 5min, walk 1:55 X 5 miles


Monday Motivation**January 11, 2016


Monday- run 3 miles

Now Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday aren’t locked into a plan yet. I do know 1 day i will have a strength training session, 1 day i will have a training session in the pool and if my trainer and i can work i schedule out i will hopefully have either Tuesday or Thursday morning free so i can go to a spin class before work.

I need to make up for the lack of weekend workouts.

Friday- OFF

Saturday- spin class amd run around the dog park with Artemis.

Sunday-Yoga and run 3 miles.

How about you????

Monday Motivation**December 28, 2015

Better late than never right? Hahaha


Monday- i happily took today off and had some roommate bonding time.

Tuesday-bike and walk/run

Wednesday-swim in the am and bike & walk in the pm

Thursday- dance my butt off!!!

Friday- bike and walk/run

Saturday-spinning class and swim ( if spin class isn’t cancelled) if it is then bike and walk/run

Sunday- yoga and swimming in the am and bike & walk/run in the pm.

This isy last week to lose the last pound or two to make my 5lbs weight loss goal for this month.

What are your workout plans?

Weekend wrap-up

Sunday morning my roommate convinced me to get up and go to yoga.


I am glad i went. These are the days when it is really good to have a workout partner. It made me introspective which made me a little depressed but i pulled myself out of it.

Our second Barkbox came!!!




I love this!! You put treats in it and the dog can slowly chew them out.



I got a treat tin to out all her treats in!! I’m stoked about that!


This is the perfect toy for Artemis, the head is a tennis ball and the body is ropes and squeakers. Artemis can’t have anything with stuffing because she will eat it and get sick.


I swear this looks like a slim jim.

I bought probiotics from Amazon because i caught a stomach bug that is going around. Those came on Saturday so i am starting to take those to balance me out.

I did a bit of organizing and decorating of my room. I need to get settled.

How was your weekend?