Monday Motivation**December 21, 2015


Happy Monday!!!

I am so happy that it is a 4 day work week for me!!! I hope you have a short work week as well!

Monday- training apointment at the gym

Tuesday- run and bike at home


Thursday- walk and bike at home

Friday- Christmas!!! 2 mile run

Saturday- spinning class and maybe a swim after

Sunday-  yoga and maybe zumba or a swim after

What are your workout plans for his holiday week?

Weekend Wrap up

And another weekend comes to a close.   This morning my roommate C and i went to yoga at 24 hour fitness. Today was a good class i got really meditative and realized i need to do yoga every week to stretch everything put with all my training.
I made myself a delicious breakfast


Then relaxed a bit.
After the relaxation on went downstairs to our mini ‘home’ gym and ran 2 miles, walked a bit then biked for 40 minutes while watching the movie Taken.

I really should not be attracted to a man who could be my dad lol.

While working out i got a text from the BF he is safe in India lol. He found a little cafe with Wi-Fi so he was able to text me for a few.

Tonight the roomies and i did a little Christmas decorating



And snacking


While listening to Christmas music.

This Christmas will be very bitter sweet for me. I always felt like my mom’s house was still home but that is gone and i don’t really feel like where i am now is home and i feel in-between familes. I have grown up and my ‘family’ from childhood doesn’t really exist anymore but i have created my own family yet.

Christmas is what 12 days away and i still have no idea what I’ll be doing. No idea if I’ll be chilling at home alone like thanksgiving, if the bf and i will be spending it together, if we will try the meet the parents again, if I’ll go to my roommates family Christmas…….no clue.

What are your holiday plans?
How was your weekend?