Weekend wrap-up

Sunday morning my roommate convinced me to get up and go to yoga.


I am glad i went. These are the days when it is really good to have a workout partner. It made me introspective which made me a little depressed but i pulled myself out of it.

Our second Barkbox came!!!




I love this!! You put treats in it and the dog can slowly chew them out.



I got a treat tin to out all her treats in!! I’m stoked about that!


This is the perfect toy for Artemis, the head is a tennis ball and the body is ropes and squeakers. Artemis can’t have anything with stuffing because she will eat it and get sick.


I swear this looks like a slim jim.

I bought probiotics from Amazon because i caught a stomach bug that is going around. Those came on Saturday so i am starting to take those to balance me out.

I did a bit of organizing and decorating of my room. I need to get settled.

How was your weekend?

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