Happy Tuesday!!!!

Today started off good, i hit the gym and had a training session with my trainer. It was hard but didnt kill me, we backed off a bit so that i wouldn’t be soooo sore that i couldnt do anything else hahaha.

Then off to work i went!

So i have a designated bowl at work that i use just for oatmeal that i keep stocked in my drawer, AKA second breakfast.


I would say this happens at least 2-3 days a week. I make the oatmeal then fill the bowl with water and let it sit until just before i leave then i wipe it out for tomorrow

Oatmeal turns into cemente if you dont soak the dish or clean it right away.

I have been being good so far this week and bringing fruit for snacks, like this delicious nectarine

I knew I was going to workout twice today and didn’t bring enough food so on my lunch I hit taco bell for some crunchy tacos fresco style 

Later came my delicious 2nd lunch

My slow cooker apricot chicken and rice

After work I headed to the gym for a 30min spin

This is the look on my face when I am tired and forgot a 2nd shirt for my second workout so I put in the stinky still damp shirt from this mornings workout 

Then I headed home quick to see the puppies.

This is what I come home to most days

Release the kraken!!!!!

Click on the word kraken so see the video. 

She was very excited about dinner, she got leftover apricot chicken juice in her kibble. 

Did you enjoy your dinner as much as she did?

I did I had more kielbasa sausage 

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