A late morning 

Good morning! Happy Hump day!!!

Artemis woke me up at 3am by jumping on me, she needed to go outside. I am glad she woke me up because she got sick outside. I should say 3am wakeup calls are a non-occurance for her. 

We came back in and went back to sleep. This morning I am going into work late to make sure she is ok. 

My poor little girl. She had a trying 24 hours. I gave her a bath last night  (which she doesn’t enjoy but like a good girl she stands still)

We are watching Gilmore Girls

One of the best shows ever.

We are doing lots of cuddling

I made myself a basic breakfast, oatmeal

And put a small cup of food in Artemis’ bowl, now we will make sure she doesn’t get sick then it’s off to work for me!

I was supposed to run 2-3 miles this morning but that will be moved to after work, hopefully it won’t be too warm, I need to check the weather forecast.  

How was your morning?

One thought on “A late morning 

  1. Poor baby. Your lucky she lets you know! Mine just starts making a choking noise and if I can’t get him moved from carpet to lineolium in time, I have a nice mess to clean out of carpet!

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