A body in motion stays in motion 

One more cuddle pic from this morning

She is just so sweet!!

But sadly up and off to work i went. 

It was customer appreciation day at Zoup, a soup, salad and sandwiche place and they were offering 8oz soups for $.98! 

I got chicken tortilla and it was delicious 

The only bad thing I can say about Zoup is that the sodium is really high in all the soups so I can’t do it too often. 

We had a showing at the house after work so I didn’t get to start my workouts until just after 7pm. 

That was really hard, coming home and sitting down, turning on a TV show while people walked through the house then having to get up and workout, a good part of me wanted to say ‘oh today can just be a rest day ‘ I compromised and said just do a quick speed workout. 

I’ve never officially done a speed workout so I started easy. 

I warmed up for 3 min at about 2.8 speed

Run 30 sec @ 4mph

Walk 1:45 sec @ 2.5 pace

Run 30 sec @mph

Walk 1:45 @ 2.5 

Run 30 sec @ 6mph 

And on and on up to 10mph then back down to 4. I actually really enjoyed it. Next week I will up the running to 35 sec

I was a sweaty mess afterwards.  

The dinner, emptied the dishwasher  (yay productivity!!!!)

Packed for tomorrow and off to bed now!!!

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