Good Morning!!

Last night was good. I feel like I accomplished a lot. After work I headed to the gym to swim

Sorry crappy photo

My meal prepped paid off. I came home and showered to get the chlorine out of my hair and skin then just popped a plate in the microwave and BAM! Yummy dinner

And it’s so simple to make.

Start anywhere between 1-4 cups of rice depending on how much you need. 2 cups got me 4 meals. 

In a saute pan or Dutch oven or anything that is big enough really heat up some olive oil on medium heat. I always add extra olive oil to make a ‘sauce ‘ chop up and onion and throw it in the pan. 

Chop up 2 bell pepper and throw them in with the onions.

Chop up a package of Polish kielbasa sausage and throw that in. 

Add some pepper and garlic powder. 

Cook until meat is heated up and the veggies are cooked to your desired doneness and serve over rice. 

I emptied the dishwasher and started a load of laundry. 

Cuddled with my puppy while watching some of the reginals for the crossfit games

I love this little girl so much

Before bed I threw my laundry in the dryer and prepped my clothes for Tuesday AM (I am writing this Monday night)

Here is to a great morning!!!!!

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