Home from my trip and the week’s recap

Back to work today!!!

The end my trip was nice, we tried to go to the gym and swim Morning but the pool was closed because the office was closed, don’t ask me to explain it cause i can’t lol.

Then we went to the beach for lunch, which sadly was dissapointing, especially considering the prices, oy.

But the dogs had a blast at the beach!




These pictures make me soooo happy, seeing how happy she is.

20160530_135544 (1)

Mom was freezing though hahaha.

After a LOOOOONG drive home, at least it felt that way there was no way i was cooking


After we got home she was wiped out!


And of course after having been there i had to watch Twilight hahaha


Horrible picture.

Ok recap on last weeks workouts, you can find what the plan was here.

this is what actually happened,

monday: AM strength workout

tuesday: OFF

wednesday: AM swim workoug

thursday: OFF

friday: OFF

saturday: 30 min spin, 20 minutes misc stregth

sunday: 5 mile run


Not my best workout week hahaha.


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