Back home

I had an amazing time, obviously hahaha, but it is so good to be home. But I am not going to lie it took a few weeks for me to get back into my normal rhythm. Even now I am just starting to get a running regimen back down. And even with taking melatonin and not sleeping on the flight back, it took a good week to get back to a normal sleep pattern.

I am taking all the puppy cuddles I can get. I missed my little girl so much but she did pretty good which is awesome.

I am taking all the cuddles and fun I can get from my man as well. I missed him a lot. I can’t wait to travel with him.

We had a fun fall day of taking a country drive, picked out pumpkins, ate some caramel corn, and carved pumpkins while watching “Pet Cemetery”. Oh and the boyfriend made an AMAZING roast that I have been living on for the past week. Finally finished the last bit for lunch today.

He makes me pretty happy.

Trying to get back to smoothies or juice for breakfast. Been using the bits and pieces that I have to make it all though, I need to get a good grocery shopping trip in soon.

Got my run on. The days right now are pretty nice. I anticipate another run tomorrow.

Using C25k (couch to 5k) to get my butt moving and in the groove again. Fun fact: this is how I started running in the first place! It is a free app, you should try it!!! Thankfully it isn’t as hard this time as it was my first time hahahaha, but now instead of struggling to finish 60 seconds of jogging I am struggling by making myself run a few minutes faster than I normally would so I am still winded by the 3rd interval hahaha and never quite recover completely until the end.

Enjoying the foliage here in Oregon………or should I say the death of the trees. It’s so pretty!!!!!

And yes, I am enjoying my fair share of pumpkin spice coffee!!!!!

Huckleberry half**Race Review

This last Saturday my boyfriend and I ran our first race together. We didn’t have high hopes going in since neither of us had trained enough and there were going to be some hills.

We are not fans of getting up early.

What can I say about this race except that it was small which was nice and off the main road so we didn’t worry too much about cars. Their fuel stations were just ok in my opinion but I am used to bigger races with bigger sponsors so in the future I would just need to plan better.

The race was on sort of back mountain roads so trail running shoes would have been better because the roads were all chewed up from snow. I got blisters on my blisters.

The course was beautiful and shaded which made all the difference.

Our pace was ok, not great but not horrible for a hilly run for me.

As you can see I started off strong and really faded toward the end hahaha

Oh the hills!!!!!!! The entire race was a series of ups and downs. There was no flat, this race just wiped me out.

Fun wood carved medals, though Brandon is disappointed we didn’t get t-shirts, he likes those more than the medals.

Overall it was fun and I am glad we did it but I wanted to cry the last 3 miles because I was so tired and my body hurt so bad.

We know to train better for the next one!

Oh and if you are a slow runner and don’t like being at the back of the pack don’t run this race, We crossed the finish line with only 4 people behind us….yes only 4. This was a small race of fast runners hahaha.

Day 13-15 of 28 day cleanse

Day 13 was pretty normal and chill

Day 14 i woke up to the worst muscle cramp in my right leg. Cramps usually come from an imbalance of sodium, potassium and water so i added some stuff into my diet for the 14th and 15th

I got free leftover pizza from the pizza place next to work and i wasn’t turning down free food. 

I immediately regreted the pizza, i felt horrible. The maple bar on day 14 pretty much totally fine, the pizza, nope. So excited for a yummy, healthy smoothie in the AM. 

I’ve increased my sodium intake and my fluids and so far the cramps have gone away. 

Its been 2 weeks and i am down about 5lbs. I am feeling better overall I’m craving better food. I am loving smoothies/juice in the AM and a big salad as part of a late lunch then eating a real dinner. And as you’ve seen i can have off day or throw in extra good food if i am going to workout. 

I think this may go from a cleanse to a lifestyle change. 

Though now I’m reconsidering my cheap pizza after the half marathon…….hmmm what else would i want???? 

I’ll keep you updated!

Day 2 of 28 day cleanse

Hi!!! Thought I’d start the morning with a quick video

Juice after lemon water

Midafternoon check-in

Who knew salad and soup could taste so amazing!!!

I feel like my stomach might be shrinking too. I am getting full faster which is nice. Leads to less over eating. 

See you tomorrow!!!!

First, ok sort of second, step to physical therapy school!!!

The first step was enrolling in my first prerequisite class. 

I’ve been making extra large batches of food on the weekends to live off during the week and supplementing with snacks and things I have put in the freezer in the past few months. 

Nice leftovers though huh?

Ugh and the boyfriend has gotten me stuck on these

I am trying really hard to only drink them on the weekends though, fake sugar is not good for you. 

I passed my personal training certification exam yesterday!!!!! Woot woot! Now comes the question, how do I want to use it? I haven’t quite figured that out yet. 

After the exhaustive exam I got an hour of HW done then headed to the gym to workout with a friend. After the gym it was HW time, I buckled down and got HW done at a reasonable hour and again had a cuddle buddy.

Of course I’m rocking some Veronica Mars in the background! 

Today I had biology class and lab, once again I felt like I really had my stuff together. I love that feeling.

After class I came home And took Artemis for a walk

Now for the PT school stuff
I can already tell trying to get these hours done is going to be difficult, at least until I get some contacts in the industry. 

I’ve called 6 places so far. 1 is going to hopefully call me back. The receptionist wasn’t sure if the physical therapist did observation hours or not (it was a complete rehab place with a bunch of different services) I left a message with her and hopefully the physical therapist will call me back. 
The 2nd place also took a message but has gotten back to me. They are a smaller place and are not accepting  any volunteers right now.
The 3rd said I needed to apply online in their job area. I looked in the education/training area but nothing so far so I am still working on that
The 4th is a hospital so my fingers are crossed on that hoping there are more opportunities, they also took a message so I’m waiting on that call.
The 5th one also took a message and will hopefully call me back. 

Success!!! Sort of. The last of the 6 places I called today is emailing me information on their volunteer program for physical therapy. Fingers crossed!!!!!!
I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Tonight I have another date with Bones at the gym!!! 

Have a great night!!

That is dedication 

Howdy!!! How is your day going?

It’s snow all around over here

It started last night I am guessing somewhere around 6:30-7pm. I looked out around 6 and it was raining then I stepped outside at 8:45 to drive to the gym and this was what I saw

Still i had a workout to get to. I drove to the gym with little incident until the street the gym was on I almost got stuck. But I was there and my plan was to watch Bones while I ran……but it was snowing so heavy the TV’s were out, that made me pause. I was there so I busted out a mile on the treadmill then hightailed it out of there because I knew the longer i waited the more difficult it would be to get home. 

I slipped and slid and got stuck once or twice but I kept my cool (thank you Nevada for teaching me how to drive in the snow in a small sedan hahahhaha)

I got home and let her run a bit, she loves the snow until she stops running and she gets cold

Then it was pasta time!

And a relaxing movie before bed

When i woke up, it was STILL SNOWING! 

It was beautiful outside…..until i realized i had no cream for coffee… do i study without coffee???!!! The snow had stopped coming down so i walked the 1.5 miles round trip to the store. That was my workout for today lol. I definitely worked up a sweat, walking through inches of snow is a workout. 

It was beautiful 

I made it back and it’s study time

I have taken over the coffee table

You’ve got water, coffee, syllabus, bio book, anatomy flashcards, a yummy smelling candle from my man and of course my personal training book in my lap. 

Artemis romped around in the snow a bit when i got back from the store and now she’s passed out hahaha!!

Dinner tonight is a delicious turkey stew i made a few months ago and threw some extra in the freezer. 

What is on your schedule for today?


Wow when did 9:30 on a Friday night become late to me? Hahahaha! I don’t know whether to be ashamed or proud.


Today’s hydration; water, tea and coffee.

First lunch was leftover pot roast i found in the freezer that i had made a few months ago over some rice. Second lunch was yakisoba!!! Apperently I’m a bit obssessed.


Reading material before bed


And now its bedtime!!! Spin class in the AM and i have convinced my roommate to go with me……bwahahaahaah!!!!!  (evil laughter)

Do you drag people to your workouts?

What is your go to treat meal lately?

Any fun weekend plans?

Wednesday Wonderings

Happy Wednesday!!!

Work yesterday dragged allllll day! It sucked!!!


I made myself a delicious beans, rice and cheese burriot with lettuce.


Water and coffee. The staples of my life.


My trainer kicked my butt last night!!!! I knocked out hard last night. Great nights sleep.

My food choices were mostly good lol. I ate a bag of chili cheese Fritos which didn’t sit well mid workout but thankfully i kept my cookies down….or my Fritos lol.

How was your Tuesday?

Post New Years and randomness

Hi!!!! I hope you had a great New Years!!! Mine was fun but too excessive.

I went out in New Year’s Eve with my roommate, we went dancing and drinking. My intention was to party and i did. I dont drink much anymore so 6 shots in about 3 hours resulted in some lovely alcohol poisening for me. I couldn’t even keep water down until about 2pm on Friday. Then i ordered a pizza and stuffed cheesy bread that i snacked on the rest of the day. Between the greasy pizza and gatorade and water i survived. But this endeavor did prompt me to decided to give up alcohol for the 2016 year. I just really don’t need it and  never feel good with the after effects. I have also gone back to being a vegetarian. I just feel so much better without meat in my system.

My desk at work is ready for the new year.



A fun dake aquirium from my roommate to help me look forward to Hawaii!!

Remember those PR and run 50 states boards i liked. Here is what i have so far


I don’t think thats too shabby.



Yep, i made that! Lol
My christmas/new years gift to myself is this


It has some super awesome stuff in it!!!





I am super stoked for it. It is really going to help my training and see where i need improvements and where i can back off. It’s going to be great to help me get safely though all my races this year.

How was your New Years?

An accomplished Saturday

Hi all!!!!
I hope you had a great Saturday! I actually feel like i accomplished a good amount. I set my alarm for 7 am sp i could get up and make it to an 8am spin class….my first. My alarm went off and I said “yea, no” and rolled back over. But then i was awake so i figured ok ill get up and go. Then my sweet sweet puppy crawled up and put her head in the crook of my shoulder cuddle. It was soooo precious! So i laid there and  cuddled with her for about 15 min until she moved. Then i got my butt up and made it to class just time to figure the seat amd peddles out and hear the instructor say “today we are doing hills”………may i just say spinning is a freaking workout! Damn!


This is me afterwards exhausted trying to show you i drank 3/4 of my liter water bottle in that hour spin class.


24 hour fitness is also having a clearance on my favorite protein bars so i am slowly stocking up as long as the sale is on.

I came home got ready andy roommates and i went to E’s parents house which is a farm and cut down outlr Christmas tree!!! A first for me.


It was actully quite fun!
I also fell in love with the house and land and now want to buy it for my farm and Inn LOL.

Came home and relaxed the tonight i went to the movies with E and saw  Christmas with the coopers….actually quite a cute movie.

How was your Saturday?
So anything fun?