Happy New Year!!!!!/Monday motivation!


Today is day 1, make this the year of you, the year you have always wanted to have, lose the weight, pay off debt, let the walls down, deal with your depression or other illness, travel, do whatever you want. With the right attitude you can do it! I promise anything is possible, if you want it bad enough you will find a way and the universe will bring it to you. I mean I just came back from 18 days in Europe a few months ago, I am going to school to be a nurse, I am spending my life with the man I love, I live paycheck to paycheck currently and also managed to pay off a credit card last year!!!!! Yes it was my smallest one but every thing counts!!! If you want to make a change, take charge and do it.

I hope you have a great day and realize all the amazing things this next year holds for you.

Week 2 marathon training:


Not gonna lie, nothing happened this week. I took full advantage of using the holiday as an excuse and sat on my butt. My roommates were out of town so I enjoyed the empty house and binged on TV. I also rationalized that school is starting soon and workouts are going to get longer to enjoy this week of total laziness.

My 2018 goals (resolutions seems like a word that means you aren’t really going to stick with them so these are goals!!! AND I will achieve my goals!)

  1. Blog at least 3 times a week
  2. PROPERLY train for and run a half, full and ultra marathon
  3. revamp my diet and STICK TO IT!!!! (I am going to do a post about this soon)
  4. Get A’s in all my classes this year.
  5. Drop two clothing sizes, go from a 10 to a 6.
  6. Stop overspending!!!! I am terrible about sticking to my budget, I have stopped over drafting and am paying off debt but I could be in such a better place if I didn’t spend so frivolously.
  7. Take a few minutes everyday to sit in quiet reflection, meditate, do something spiritual.
  8. Continue to work on and grow my relationship with Brandon
  9. To read 1 non-school book a month. I had originally wanted to do 1 a week then thought about it and changed it to every other week but now I think it will be 1 a month to be safe. I have a 40 hour work week, 6 hours of classes a week, another probably 4-6 hours of school work a week, in a few months I will have a 2 hour/day commute, training for my runs and house work.

In a few days I will post about breaking these down in to manageable goals which will help them be more attainable.

New Years Eve!!!!

Be safe, have fun, spend the night the way you want to spend it! Live it up and let the stress, drama and crap of the last 365 days go away, tomorrow you start fresh. Enjoy!!!


I will probably be watching the ball drop on the east coast at 9pm my time on the internet lol. I have to be up tomorrow morning at 5:40am to get to work by 7am. The boyfriend is going to keep me company. This will probably be the first year, since I can remember, that I will not stay up until midnight and ring in the new year…….I guess I am getting old, or maybe just responsible. Who wants to work on 5 hours sleep?

Running report and catch-up

Good morning! For a little catch-up after the holiday week.

I got out for a run on Monday after work, the rain held off just long enough and I managed to make it out the door just a few minutes after I got home so I got the last bit of sunlight. Pretty sunset huh?

I am pretty happy with my running times lately. I have been trying to push hard during my intervals without totally killing myself.

My bestie in Nevada and I really miss each other so we have decided that 3 times a year we will meet in the middle for a “date night” hahahahahaha basically an all night girly gab fest where we will stay at a cheap AirBnB. Man AirBnB has made doing things like this so much easier, we get a little apartment with a kitchen so we don’t have to eat out and you can read reviews so you know its a nice little place to stay and it is totally easy to find places for $50, 60, or 70. We already have our first date weekend planned, I am so excited! By putting $20/month (or more if I can spare it) in this little jar that will take care of my half of the room and some gas money and a little food money. It is so important to put time and effort into your friendships if you want them to last.


My Thanksgiving, I had to work but I got my butt out for a run as soon as I got home!

It was really pretty out!

Artemis was pretty happy we got outside too.

I really enjoyed my last pumpkin spice latte of the year.

Enjoyed this awesome view on my lunch at work, the river looked amazing with the mist all around it.



We went a little all out for breakfast on Friday hahahaha. I had some apples from the boyfriends grandparents farm so I sautéed them in some butter, brown sugar and maple syrup to make a little fall apple syrup for my pancakes, it tasted like apple pie!

Juice Saturday morning for breakfast to counteract all the bad eating.

All in all I got 3 runs in which is better than last week. Now lets home this week, I can find a few dry moments to get some runs in as well! Wish me luck!

How was your thanksgiving?

Did you get any workouts in over the holidays?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I hope your day is filled with love, light, laughter, friends, family and of course way too much amazing food!!!!

My thanksgiving is not quite what I had hoped. My schedule at work just changed 2 weeks ago so today is my Friday at work and yes, I am working. I was invited to Thanksgiving with the BF’s family but there are eating at 1 and I now work until 3:30pm and wouldn’t even get there until 5 with the drive and needing to go home to let the dogs out first so no Thanksgiving for me this year. I did stop and get a Starbucks though this morning so that is nice.

My idea Thanksgiving would be a turkey trot in the AM then lots of family and food……one day.

What does your Thanksgiving look like?

Veteran’s day and running report

Happy Veteran’s Day!!!!! Thank a veteran today in some way!!! I probably wouldn’t be able to blog about everything I do if we didn’t have wonderful people who fought for our freedom. Regardless of how you feel about the military or politics these people fought for us.

Meal prep

Longest video ever hahahahahaha

Running this week:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 1.53 miles. Couch to 5k week 3 day 3

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: 1.89 miles Couch to 5k week 4 day 1

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Rest Day ( I over slept and ran out of time)

Saturday: 1.9 miles + 10 minutes of strength training Couch to 5k week 4 day 2

Happy Halloween!!!!!

(Images from google)

Happy Halloween!!!! Today is my favorite holiday!!!! Unfortunately I have to work tonight which is super depressing, adulting blows sometimes lol.

Went for a run and it was cold! The wind dropped the temp a few degrees so I had planned on wearing this

and changed to this…..long sleeves, also do you love my bed head hahaha

Got my best time to 8:11!!!!!!!!!!!! still only a 90 second interval but still! That is rock’em sock’em fast for me.

Kept a good heart rate for me, was dying a little at the end hahaha

Now for more Halloween fun.

Halloween is fun and magical and mysterious and wonderful. Today people remember/believe that the impossible may be possible. This is also the day that the veils between the world of the living and dead are the thinnest. Remember a loved one that has passed today and set out a cup of juice, wine or beer for them and give them a toast. It is the perfect day to remember my dad since his birthday was yesterday, I love and miss you always dad.

Service announcement: remember to keep all your black fur babies inside tonight, especially cats! There are cruel people out there that love to hurt/kill black animals tonight so be vigilant!

Other than that have fun tonight, be safe and remember, there is a little magic in all of us…………

I hope you have a great night!

Have fun and be safe!!!!

Back home

I had an amazing time, obviously hahaha, but it is so good to be home. But I am not going to lie it took a few weeks for me to get back into my normal rhythm. Even now I am just starting to get a running regimen back down. And even with taking melatonin and not sleeping on the flight back, it took a good week to get back to a normal sleep pattern.

I am taking all the puppy cuddles I can get. I missed my little girl so much but she did pretty good which is awesome.

I am taking all the cuddles and fun I can get from my man as well. I missed him a lot. I can’t wait to travel with him.

We had a fun fall day of taking a country drive, picked out pumpkins, ate some caramel corn, and carved pumpkins while watching “Pet Cemetery”. Oh and the boyfriend made an AMAZING roast that I have been living on for the past week. Finally finished the last bit for lunch today.

He makes me pretty happy.

Trying to get back to smoothies or juice for breakfast. Been using the bits and pieces that I have to make it all though, I need to get a good grocery shopping trip in soon.

Got my run on. The days right now are pretty nice. I anticipate another run tomorrow.

Using C25k (couch to 5k) to get my butt moving and in the groove again. Fun fact: this is how I started running in the first place! It is a free app, you should try it!!! Thankfully it isn’t as hard this time as it was my first time hahahaha, but now instead of struggling to finish 60 seconds of jogging I am struggling by making myself run a few minutes faster than I normally would so I am still winded by the 3rd interval hahaha and never quite recover completely until the end.

Enjoying the foliage here in Oregon………or should I say the death of the trees. It’s so pretty!!!!!

And yes, I am enjoying my fair share of pumpkin spice coffee!!!!!

Grandparent’s day!!!

Shout out to my amazing grandmother!!!! Just like my amazing mom that I talked about on mother’s day my grandma is one for the books. She is the matriarch of our family in the true sense of the word, we all visit and gather around her. For someone who has been alive for 90 years she is surprisingly forward thinking, like my mother she does not judge people she only supports. It is no wonder that I have such an amazing mother when she was raised by such an amazing person.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a very warm, loving family and I think it is in most part to this wonderful woman who had a hand in raising us all, either directly or indirectly.

Remember that life is fleeting and you never know what tomorrow holds, tell the people you love how you feel, reach out to someone today and tell them that you love them.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I wanted to do a quick shout-out to the best mom any woman could ask for. My mom loves her kids unconditionally……..and believe me we have given her many conditions to test her hahahaha.

My mom is thoughtful, loving, caring, giving and just amazing. She has been there for me through everything; angry teenage years, drunken-grief struck college years, has helped me be able to travel some, has tried to impart some wisdom without shoving it down my throat, she has let me learn my lessons and helped me dig out of them once I have learned it. Because of my mother I am on the road to becoming a doctor and am so proud of who I am and it is all because of her.

I love you mom!!!!

And lets not forget that time my mom walked off into the wilderness with me for another crazy adventure……

Tidbits from the week

Week 3 of spring semester has come and gone. Today is Earth day!!! Get out there and celebrate! If your weather isn’t horrible get out there and walk, run, hike, bike or whatever! Maybe enjoy a picnic outside with someone special? I am at a desk now but I got out in the sun yesterday, today rain is forecast all day.

This week was exhausting, I am not really sure why it was so tiring nothing that different happened.

I had work on Sunday, ran home to see the pup and let her out then I left to go see the BF, Artemis was not too happy with me but we will have all Tuesday morning together. The BF and I made veggie fettuccini that was delicious, it probably would have been even better if I didn’t rush it but I was hungry. We also watched a few episodes of Code Black which is my new obsession.

Image from google

Monday I felt like I was rushing all day. I didn’t get as much sleep as I would like, Artemis had to go out at 6am (probably pay back for leaving her alone all day Sunday). Got out the door 3 minutes late to my first class and barley stayed focused during it. Ran errands on my break between classes and grabbed lunch because i didn’t want to worry about the time it would take to make something


But managed to be quick about everything and was able to sit down and home and eat lunch with Artemis and spend about 30 minutes with her,

then packed for work, rushed off to Chem class (I think I fell asleep with my eyes open) then rushed to catch the train and tried not to fall asleep on the train.

I got puppy cuddles on Tuesday morning, she cuddles a lot more when I am gone more than I am home.

We also went out for a little walk/run Tuesday morning.

Wednesday was another day of running around and feeling busy. By Wednesday night I am just wiped out.

Thursday I had dinner and drinks with a friend, girl time is a must!

Friday it was so beautiful out! I got lots of chores done then Artemis, the BF and I went for a walk around the river then relaxed the rest of the night.

And now it is Saturday morning, I am back at work, going to try and get some HW done and grab an energy drink on my break because I did not sleep well last night.

Hope you all had an awesome week!!

What is the most tiring day of your week?