First week of classes

Well my first week of classes is over, here is how it went:

I spend a good amount of time at the train station waiting

Overall: I think it is going to be a good quarter, busy, definitely but good. As long as I keep on top of things and continue to work ahead when I can I think two more A’s are within my grasp.

Bio for health sciences: really excited about this class. Since I took basic bio last quarter I have a good foundation and this teacher gears this class toward anatomy and physiology so it is the perfect step in between basic bio and A&P which I will be taking next quarter. I am so excited to start really studying the body! I think that means this will also be more difficult because it has a lot more of A&P in it which is no joke.

Bio lab for health sciences: I think this is going to be good, first lab was pretty easy. We will have weekly quizzes and I think one lab report so shouldn’t be too difficult. I just need to remember the quizzes and study, though I think they are just quick quizzes to make sure you have read the lab beforehand and are prepared.

Psych 101 make that Chemistry for health sciences: originally I was going to take psych but this college’s psych 101 is a joke, so nope! I was able to scramble and get into a chem class. I haven’t taken chem since high school and I think it might have just been half a semester… basically I am starting from scratch on this and I haven’t taken a math class in about 4-5 years so I will need to do some major brushing up.

Chemistry lab for health sciences: so far the first lab was super easy!! We will see how this progresses, there are no quizzes or hw or tests and I don’t think there are any lab reports so this should just be re-enforcing what we are learning in class. I will keep you posted.

Yep I went from one class last quarter and no job to basically 4 classes and a full time job this quarter, fun stuff huh?

Monday was crazy! I went to bio class then ran some errands and headed home, by the time I got home I had 30 minutes to cook and eat lunch, let the dogs out, make my dinner to take to work, get everything ready for work and run out the door to make it to chem class on time. Then I rushed to get to the train in time to be at work and worked the rest of the night. I made the train by literally about 5 seconds.

Tuesday was nice, no classes in the morning and of course no major school work yet so I got to relax and clean the house a bit. I took Artemis for a 30 min walk then got ready for work and headed out.

Delicious lunch: Apple, onion, and cheddar grilled cheese on sourdough

I had class and worked on my birthday but my boyfriend picked me up and stayed for the night, I had bio lab Thursday morning then he took me to get a sports massage for my birthday and we went and saw beauty and the beast and went out to dinner.

Friday I had chem lab in the morning and then the bf and I cleaned and organized the house and my room, this may not sound very romantic but it was part of my birthday request, that he would help me clean and organize cause he is sort of a neat freak and I am not. Because my schedule is now so full and hectic I need a clean work space and a clean room to come home to. Add in that 3 humans and 3 dogs live in less than 700sqft and I could easily go crazy with my work load, so I wanted to get everything organized before the school work really set in. And it looks great!! I will post pictures soon.

I did not get a single workout in this week, well I ran 1 mile with the dog last Saturday so I guess I got 1 very small one in. Annnd it is supposed to rain and be cold today so nothing there…….BUT the forecast says tomorrow is supposed to be nicer and I get off work at 330, with travel time and getting ready I could be home, changed, have the dog and be out the door by about 5pm so fingers crossed that we can get out and get a few miles in.

Talk to you soon!!!

How do you cope with stress?

First, ok sort of second, step to physical therapy school!!!

The first step was enrolling in my first prerequisite class. 

I’ve been making extra large batches of food on the weekends to live off during the week and supplementing with snacks and things I have put in the freezer in the past few months. 

Nice leftovers though huh?

Ugh and the boyfriend has gotten me stuck on these

I am trying really hard to only drink them on the weekends though, fake sugar is not good for you. 

I passed my personal training certification exam yesterday!!!!! Woot woot! Now comes the question, how do I want to use it? I haven’t quite figured that out yet. 

After the exhaustive exam I got an hour of HW done then headed to the gym to workout with a friend. After the gym it was HW time, I buckled down and got HW done at a reasonable hour and again had a cuddle buddy.

Of course I’m rocking some Veronica Mars in the background! 

Today I had biology class and lab, once again I felt like I really had my stuff together. I love that feeling.

After class I came home And took Artemis for a walk

Now for the PT school stuff
I can already tell trying to get these hours done is going to be difficult, at least until I get some contacts in the industry. 

I’ve called 6 places so far. 1 is going to hopefully call me back. The receptionist wasn’t sure if the physical therapist did observation hours or not (it was a complete rehab place with a bunch of different services) I left a message with her and hopefully the physical therapist will call me back. 
The 2nd place also took a message but has gotten back to me. They are a smaller place and are not accepting  any volunteers right now.
The 3rd said I needed to apply online in their job area. I looked in the education/training area but nothing so far so I am still working on that
The 4th is a hospital so my fingers are crossed on that hoping there are more opportunities, they also took a message so I’m waiting on that call.
The 5th one also took a message and will hopefully call me back. 

Success!!! Sort of. The last of the 6 places I called today is emailing me information on their volunteer program for physical therapy. Fingers crossed!!!!!!
I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Tonight I have another date with Bones at the gym!!! 

Have a great night!!

A really good day

Buenos Nochas!!!! 

Today was a really good day but we’ll start off with yesterday. 

Yesterday was spent doing biology work all day. I had two biology lecture classes and two labs cancelled due to the college being shut down for inclement weather so we were assigned lots of work to do. 

I was burned out by 9:30pm. I was working on my last assignment and got to the last question and low and behold I have to make a visual aid!!! It’s 10:30pm andy class is at 8am. Thankfully the Rite Aid down the street was open until 11am. So out I went, picked up some poster board and something to help me get through the next 2 hours

Thank goodness for 24 hour starbucks!!!

Also food was needed

Frozen burritos for the win. 

Anyways i got everything done and was in bed by 1am. 

In class this morning I had everything I needed which was awesome and felt great about the class and the information I absorbed. 

In betweem class and lab I did some classwork and had a snack

I had to hit the student store for snacks because I woke up late due to being up late from doing HW but it all worked out. Lab went awesome as well and I left school feeling amazing!!! I finally feel like it’s all gonna work out and this is what I should be doing. 

After school Artemis and I went out for a little run, it was 50 degrees outside and except for a little wind it was perfect running weather!!

There were a few spots that still had a little ice

But on the plus the path was pretty much deserted so I got to let Artemis off the leash a bit and she of course ran around in the mud.

She got some mud on her and then gave me a hug

It was a good run

After my run I scheduled my personal training certification exam for Monday!! Ahhhh!!!

I got some biology hw done then headed out and got some dinner. It was supposed to be TGIT tonight  (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder) but if course it got pushed to next week so instead I still got a bad (but unfortunately delicious ) dinner and spent the night reading the blog of a physical therapist student. 

I spent a little over 3 hours reading the blog from beginning to now and loved it!!!!

I had movie on in the background and had a cuddle bug next to me

It has been a great day. 

See you tomorrow !!!