Monday Motivation**September 25, 2017

Happy Monday! Today I am Kotor, Montenegro! I don’t have any excursions planned today I just plan on going for a little run/walk through the town. Head back to the boat for lunch and then do some more exploring. Stay tuned for posts about it all!

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Monday Motivation**September 18, 2017

Hello! Today I am currently touring Italy!! We are going from Venice to Verona to Florence to Pisa to Rome. I’ll post all about it soon! Hope you are having a great day!

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Monday Motivation**September 11, 2017


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Working out last week was a total bust since basically the entire state of Oregon was (and still mostly is) on fire. It was literally raining ash and I was not going to work out in that. I haven’t had a gym membership for a few months so I could save money so I couldn’t go inside on a treadmill. Hopefully this week is going to be better and I can find my motivation again because it has been about 2.5 weeks since I got out there and ran.

How are your workouts going?


Monday Motivation**September 4, 2017


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Goodbye August and Hello September!!

Wow August flew by. 

School: My final ‘opens’ online today and closes on the 6th so lots of studying going on over here. This basically means I can take my final anytime in the next 2 days. It is online, 100 cumulative questions and I have 82 minutes to complete it. Whatever I have done will submit after 82 minutes. After that I am done for a few months! I will think of it as winter vacation hahahahaha.

Food and Fitness: In the next 2 weeks I am trying to get as much food bought, made, frozen and prepped as possible. When I get back from the cruise my budget will be even more restricted. I will by trying to save a bit to go toward my expensive CNA class come January, my BF and I are trying to find a place to move into together which will also cost money and of course I need to continue to work on paying my roommate back as she paid upfront for 95% of my Europe costs so I owe her about 2 grand still. Oh the joys of being poor. But overall in my life I can’t complain too much, my life could be so much worse, so I choose to not stress about my debt and instead slowly chip away at it.

As far as workouts go, if I get a workout in before I finish my final, great, but I am not banking on it so my goal this week is 3-4 workouts.

10 days and counting to europe!!!!!

Monday Motivation**August 28, 2017


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Things are good over here. Did good on workouts this past week. Was about 2 miles under the goal I set but that is ok, those goals are if I have the perfect week (which never really happens hahaha) but I think I am on point to hit my month mile goal. I am a little less than 5 miles from my goal and the last day of the month is Thursday……I got this. Hahahaha!

I am not losing weight as fast as I was when I was doing mostly juice….obviously but I am still toning up and the weight is slowly coming off with the running. I am letting myself splurge and indulge here and there but I am making sure that my running is matching it. I am loving watching my mileage climb. I am also loving the short quick runs where I push it to try and increase my speed. It is a chore sometimes to get myself out the door but I never regret it hahahaha.

What are your workout goals this week?

Did you set one for the month of August? Will you hit it?

Start thinking about goals for September!!!!

Monday Motivation**August 21, 2017


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Happy Monday!!!! (well it is my Wednesday for my work week and like my Friday for school since all my school work for the week is due today hahahaha) My weeks are very discombobulated.

I actually did pretty good on running last week!!! I got in 5 runs, 4 short and 1 long. I am so proud of myself for getting out there and doing it!

I think I may have mentioned once or twice that I am by no means a fast runner (hahaha) here are my fastest miles this week.

8/15- 14:17

8/18- 14:29

8/19- 13:55

I am pretty happy about that 13:55. I want to keep getting my mile time down as well as start adding in a second mile after that fast one. I think this is a good way for me to slowly improve my speed.

I have come to the realization that I am just going to lose sleep on Friday and Saturday nights. I think I have talked about my work schedule being split into 2 different times, Saturday and Sunday I work days then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I work swing and Thursday and Friday I stay up a little late because the bf and I are usually out doing something or watching a movie so 5 out of 7 nights I get to sleep between 11-12:30 then 2 nights a week I am supposed to go to sleep at 9:30? It just isn’t happening. For a few weeks I would try to be in bed Friday night by 9:30-10pm then I would toss and turn and not be able to fall asleep and stress out about then I would toss and turn all night and sleep horribly. Now I turn out the lights around 11pm and fall right to sleep, it is less sleep than I would like but overall it is getting me more sleep and stressing me out less. I think I have finally found a good rhythm.

Monday Motivation**August 14, 2017

Almost halfway through August! I think our weather here is FINALLY starting to cool back down meaning I will be able to get in more afternoon runs. Medical terminology is still going good, currently have an A, lets keep it that way.

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Last week I ended up only getting in 2 short runs for a totally of about 3.5 miles, it was only 1 week post half marathon so I am ok with that also the BF and I spent Friday at his grandparents little farm so no run that day and it was so worth it!!!