Huckleberry half**Race Review

This last Saturday my boyfriend and I ran our first race together. We didn’t have high hopes going in since neither of us had trained enough and there were going to be some hills.

We are not fans of getting up early.

What can I say about this race except that it was small which was nice and off the main road so we didn’t worry too much about cars. Their fuel stations were just ok in my opinion but I am used to bigger races with bigger sponsors so in the future I would just need to plan better.

The race was on sort of back mountain roads so trail running shoes would have been better because the roads were all chewed up from snow. I got blisters on my blisters.

The course was beautiful and shaded which made all the difference.

Our pace was ok, not great but not horrible for a hilly run for me.

As you can see I started off strong and really faded toward the end hahaha

Oh the hills!!!!!!! The entire race was a series of ups and downs. There was no flat, this race just wiped me out.

Fun wood carved medals, though Brandon is disappointed we didn’t get t-shirts, he likes those more than the medals.

Overall it was fun and I am glad we did it but I wanted to cry the last 3 miles because I was so tired and my body hurt so bad.

We know to train better for the next one!

Oh and if you are a slow runner and don’t like being at the back of the pack don’t run this race, We crossed the finish line with only 4 people behind us….yes only 4. This was a small race of fast runners hahaha.

Monday Motivation**March 6th, 2017

Can you suffer from the pain of both? I ate way too much junk this weekend and was bloated for at least half the weekend and tonight I ran 5 miles then walked for another 30. 

Tomorrow I need to do some serious stretching and foam rolling (aka tourture). My right hip (IT band) is SUPER tight so my hip is hurting and it radiates down my thigh to my knee. So foam rolling is a big to do for me tomorrow……or today since its after midnight. 

The boyfriend and I were seriously lazy this weekend, we watched at least 8 movies and some Game of Thrones episodes. But it was seriously needed for me since I was traveling the last 2 weekends. 

Some random stuff from this week:

My walk to class from the back parking lot

Gotta love Oregon lol

The boyfriend suggested running a marathon together in October, he was thinking Portland marathon until I looked it up and the cost is $130!! Too rich for our current blood so I’m looking at other options. But i did look up some training plans on Google

Then i scrapped them and made my own hahaha. 

Tonight was the premier of a new TV show 

I used the 2 hour premier to distract me while I ran. 

Yep, i run like a turtle.

Thank goodness for TVs on your treadmill.

When I got home I had some leftover sushi from yesterday’s dinner

It was good. 

And now it’s pass out time. 


Do you like sushi?

Saturday happenings

Day 1 of a very exhausting 7 weeks.

Except for the 3 days i have races i will be working Saturday and Sunday for the next 7 weeks at a tulip festival. I am working 7 hours a day along with my normal 40 hour/week job and my training.

Today was my first day at the festival. 7 hours on my feet which is not something i have done in a very long time. It is fun and doesn’t really feel like work which is nice but man is hard on the body until you get used to it.



They have booths and rides and obviously tulips and u-pick fields and all kinds of stuff.

I tried to pack a lunch but ate it as a snack so i got a garden burger for my lunch.


My feet were already crazy sore when i got home and my body was exhausted but i needed to run and i knew if i sat down i wasn’t getting back up. So i had a quick snack and Artemis and I set out for a run. My goal was 6 miles but by 2 miles my feet were alternating between feeling like they were on fire and sharp pain so we headed home. My 6 mile run became a 2.5 mile run.



I put ice on my feet immediately


I am very thankful that i have the ability to stop myself so i can recover and not seriously injure myself. I have so many races planned this year i will not let pride or stupidity get in my way.

While icing my food i checked outbmy first bulu box.



Bulu box is a sample box of fitness/health/weight loss stuff.


This will definitely be a snack for me tomorrow.


Will be using this on tacos soon


Perfect size to keep in my purse


It came with 2 samples and I’ve totally already taken one. It was actually pretty delicious.


This will come in handy over the next few weeks.


I don’t have allergies so i will probably give this to someone else.


I can always use stuff like this.


Every day you work you get to take home a free bouquet :):)

And now i am going to eat something, pack my bag for tomorrow, maybe read if i can keep my eyes open and then pass out!

How was your Saturday?


Woooohoooo another weekend has arrived!

Not much to report here. I am taking it easy and resting me body


Iced my knee tonight. Tomorrow i swim and hopefully by Sunday I’m ready to run again. I think I’ll tape my knee up to be safe.

My roommate  brought me back candy from Australia


Boy do they have the right idea.

I made a nice healthy meal of salmon and veggies



Actually it made 2 meals :mrgreen:

Should make a delicious dinner tomorrow and Sunday night.

That and several episodes of Scandal were my Friday night……i know, i party too hard.

Did you do anything fun with your TGIF?

What does your weekend look like?

Short and to the point.

I dragged my butt out of bed and to the gym this morning to go to spin class. I got there is 6 min late (i am usually nerd early everywhere but an AM workout, forget about it). So i get there and am hoping the class won’t be too full, they hadn’t even started yet. I’m adjusting my bike thinking how lucky i am  only to here the gym worker telling the other 5 people in the class that there is no instructor this morning……….so now what?

2 of the people left but the rest of us rode on!!!!!! Slowly as the hour went on people trickled out. I made it about 50 min.


I am proud of myself for not using thr excuse of no class to get me out of my workout.

On the flip side my knees are super achey! This is the first time i have ever worked out this much and this consistently and my body is like WTF?

So tonight i iced my knees and will be taking it easy. Tomorrow is my rest day anyways and Saturday instead of spin amd swim I’m just going to swim. Hopefully ill be able to do my 5 miles on Sunday. Fingers crossed!

I may have gone a little overboard with my dinner tonight…..


We’ll call this a cheat meal lol. Now i need to be very good for a while hahahahahaha.

And now im exhausted so good night!!!!!