Short and to the point.

I dragged my butt out of bed and to the gym this morning to go to spin class. I got there is 6 min late (i am usually nerd early everywhere but an AM workout, forget about it). So i get there and am hoping the class won’t be too full, they hadn’t even started yet. I’m adjusting my bike thinking how lucky i am  only to here the gym worker telling the other 5 people in the class that there is no instructor this morning……….so now what?

2 of the people left but the rest of us rode on!!!!!! Slowly as the hour went on people trickled out. I made it about 50 min.


I am proud of myself for not using thr excuse of no class to get me out of my workout.

On the flip side my knees are super achey! This is the first time i have ever worked out this much and this consistently and my body is like WTF?

So tonight i iced my knees and will be taking it easy. Tomorrow is my rest day anyways and Saturday instead of spin amd swim I’m just going to swim. Hopefully ill be able to do my 5 miles on Sunday. Fingers crossed!

I may have gone a little overboard with my dinner tonight…..


We’ll call this a cheat meal lol. Now i need to be very good for a while hahahahahaha.

And now im exhausted so good night!!!!!

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