Hump Day

We made it past the half way point!!!

Swam this morning



My photography skills leave something to be desired.


My lunchbox these days, filled to max.


I had a suprise on my desk this morning!!!! Groot!!!! This little guy is so cute and i always played with my co-workers so she bought me one!!!!!! Probably because i threatened to steal hers…………….
Thanks Christina!!!!!!!!


This is part of tomorrow lunch but i just wanted a little taste test……… ready? This is coleslaw mix from the grocery store and……top ramen!!! With some green onions sprinkles on top. Not too shabby.

And last but not least


I started a little lettuce garden. I’m not sure i filled the pot enough though. Guess we will find out.
How was your Wednesday?
Are you doing any gardening this year?

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