Monday Night video and Tuesday tangents

So Monday night i filmed a little video. Here’s the youtube link:

Most of my other news is about food hahaha.

Coffee as always


I’m going back and forth between getting coffee and buying those Starbucks bottles in the store. I am also trying to stretch them out over 2 days to reduce my caffine intake (preworkout has caffine in it) and to save myself some money.

This week’s lunches are good old fashion PB&J on Dave’s Killer bread


Except that as an adult that is so not enough so i defrosted some risotto i made awhile ago to have with it.


I had leftover cream cheese from having bagels for lunch last week so i am combining it with something healthy


This is surprisingly delicious.

And lastly i cuddled up at work with my coworkers heating blanket because i was chilly today.


How was your Tuesday?

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