Random Wednesday Wonderings


My cheap replacement for my morning Starbucks. I get 4 bottles for the price of a grande. Not as strong but it’s something to help the budget now and then.


Got this water bottle at the airport and it’s a quart. 2 of these a day and i am set! Yes i refill and reuse plastic water bottles for like a month.


I have been drinking more and more tea lately.


Leftover delicious lentil Bolognese for lunch!


Next years calendar for my desk at work!!! I am such a dork i love to go through and write the years stuff on a calendar. Holidays, birthdays, full moons, new moons, paydays, and races. New years eve at work should be really slow so I’ll do it then :mrgreen:


Artemis likes to surprise me every once and a while by eating one of my socks. And she always picks the good ones……

I got in a good workout today so that helped improve my day.

Took the dog for a walk. Did 40 min on the recombent bike and 40 minutes on the treadmill.

How was your Wednesday?

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