Back to the Grind.

I so did not want to come home from my weekend away. It was so nice to just sit in limbo. No work, no being dissapointed at how much my boyfriend is working. I just got lost in book after book surrounded by my family. 

I was happy to get back to the gym tonight though. It is the first night i have felt strong since my surgery. Like i might finally be getting back to really working out.

I just want mid-january to come and hopefully things can be good again. Boyfriend’s job should slow down i should be full force working out again by then.

It’s just been a rough 6 weeks and i still have 4 more semi-rough ones to go if I stick with it.

On the plus side i drank 8 whole glasses of water today!!! It’s been awhile since that happened.

Also my trainer and i set the difficult but attainable goal of me losing 5lbs my the end of the year. Thats is 22 days!

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