Thirsty Thursday

Happy Thursday!!!! Or as it used to be refered to in college thirsty Thursday. All college bars have deals on drinks tonight just an fyi hahaha.

My thirsty thursday consisted of lota od water everywhere


And a little hail at some point according to my coworkers.


I hit the gym and remembered to finally take a pic of the spinning class schedule so i can start training for next years triathalon!!!

Todays training session became half weights have swimming when we realized there was a swim class from 6:30-7:30. So i got a double workout woot woot!!! Swimming felt better today and i am getting in the pool twice next week!


Yay!!! A freshly made bed with clean sheets!!! Take a look now, between me and the dog by tomorrow it will be a tangled mess of sheets.

I love her to death but sometimes she kills me with the way she sleeps.


Speaking of Ms Artemis ……..sometimes she is so cute!!!!


Quick selfie before bed!!! Yep Harry Potter is on in the background :mrgreen:

At 3:50ish tomorrow morning the boyfriend boards 1 of 3 flights it will take him to get to India for work and he will be gone for a week.

I cannot wait for his work to slow down, it is really stressing our relationship.

Goddess help us get through the next 4 weeks!!!!

Goodnight and swetlet dreams to all!!!

How was your thirsty Thursday? Did you partake in something stronger than water?

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