Book Review**Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I know I am SUPER late jumping on this bandwagon but I finally read the book (the movie is in my Netflix queue).

This was NOTHING like what I thought it was going to be, I had an idea about the book from whisperings from other people and the movie posters and stuff but it was nothing like I thought it was going to be at all.

I didn’t think it was an incredibly fast-paced book but I was still enthralled with it. It is a longer book and well written. I actually really enjoyed it. I started to read the 2nd book right away but had to stop because I was getting board with the characters, also because it doesn’t really pick up where it left off which bugged me; eventually I will pick it back up and we’ll discuss it then.

If you haven’t read it I recommend reading it, I would say this is a middle of the road book, it’s not fun smut or chick-lit but its not super intense classics like book. You want to pay attention but you can walk away and come back to it pretty easily.

Book Review**Escape by Carolyn Jessop

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Holy wow I thought this was an amazing book. I knew a little about FLDS and of course we’ve all heard of things like Waco and Warren Jeffs butt to hear a first hand account is so intense.

I have also wondered how people let themselves get into situations like this so it was good to read one and realize that most are born into it and that the adults who did choose it, usually chose something very different in the beginning then it ended up slowly becoming something different.

It is devastating to learn how trapped these people are and how few if any lifelines there are for them to escape and yes escape is a true description, you cannot just walk away.

Overall just an amazing read, I highly encourage this read no matter what you believe in, it is very interesting.

*Just because I said I didn’t know much about FLDS does not mean I think all FLDS people or communities are like this. If CONSENTING ADULTS want to be polygamists more power to them. I just found this to be interesting and informative about one person’s journey.



Book Review**The Girl with Seven Names: A North Korean Defector’s Story

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Oh man, just like the last book, Lilac Girls, this was sometimes very intense but so good. I only knew the vaguest things about North Korea and now I feel like I know so much more. I always wondered how dictators got away with things and now I know a little better. They keep their people ignorant.

The struggles that she and her family went through are amazing. The strength and courage all the defectors show is amazing. I found this to be a thoroughly interesting story.

Book Review**Good Christian B*tches

Did anyone watch this TV show? It only ran for 1 season, if that? I thought it was funny though. Now that I have read the book I want to see if I can find that 1 season anywhere and compare it.

This book was pure chick lit, very little substance as far as I am concerned. It was actually kind of an infuriating read, the women in the book, the b*itches, were horrible and so unchristian which I get is the point of the book but the main character just laid down and took it for so long it drove me CRAZY!

This is definitely not a book I would read a second time and I don’t feel the need to recommend it to anyone. I also felt like the ending was very rushed, there was this big build-up then a jump to the finish.

A positive of the book was the development of the mother-daughter protagonists, I really enjoyed that and thought it was sweet.

All in all, I hate to say it, but don’t waste your time. The few episodes of the TV show are much funnier.

Book Review**Die Again by Tess Gerritsen

I love Rizzoli and Isles books so any one of them I read I would generally give it a good review hahaha. I particularly liked this one though and maybe because it was a little different. It jumped back and forth between past and present letting the story unfold slowly and I really liked that. It also took a story that took place on safari in Africa (the past part of the story) and tied it to present day Boston with Rizzoli and Isle. I think that aspect brought a little more depth to the book in my opinion or maybe it just made it more interesting. Either way I enjoyed the book a lot.

Book Review**The Anatomist’s Wife

This was a cute fun book. It took a little bit to get into it, the beginning was a little slow; which is interesting since there wasn’t much back story you just sort of jumped in. I read it in one day, it is not a difficult read, I sat down one Sunday after work when I had no HW and just read straight through.

Of course I loved the little bit of medical knowledge that was in here, after all everything I am doing right now is leading to becoming a doctor of physical therapy so I extra enjoyed that part.

It wasn’t a terribly deep book, there wasn’t much character development in my opinion (seems to be a theme with the books I have been reading lately lol, guess when I read right now I want a break from thinking hahaha).

Overall it was an enjoyable book and I would recommend it for a vacation or spring break type of book.

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think?

Book Review X2**Roses are Red and Violets are Blue


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Howdy!! These two book are from the Alex Cross series by James Patterson. One of these I listened to as a book on tape and one I read the physical book that I found on sale in a little bookshop the weekend the boyfriend and I spent in Long Beach, WA.

I love series books because if you like the character you don’t just get one book then never read about them again, you really get to delve into their lives (yes I know they are fake people). When I find a character I like I love to keep reading their story. These are not difficult or time consuming books, there is no bigger picture to look for or anything that really needs a lot of brain power, which is probably also why I like them. You don’t really have to think, it is a nice break from the classics or books that make you dig deep, hmmm as I say that it doesn’t sound like a compliment to the book but I do mean it as a compliment. In our busy lives this is a great book to be able to read as an escape.

Warning: these books can be graphic, they are books about psycho murderers.

Book Review**Andromeda Strain

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I had seen this book a few times and of course the word andromeda is used in a lot of science fiction so i have heard it a lot. The book was definitely not what I thought it was going to be, I was expecting a thriller and fast paced I did not find it. I wasn’t bored, it is a short book after all, but it didn’t grip me. 

It is an easy book to get through but not necessarily one I would recommend, not because it was bad but because there are so many books I have enjoyed more that I would recommend to someone.