Weekend Wrap up

My birthday and the weekend!

I woke up to this awesomeness on my birthday courtesy of the BF

When I was 19 I wrote myself a series of letters to open every 5 years. They are pretty fun to read and see how my life plans have changed and stayed the same.

Birthday Dinner!

I shared a cocktail with Brandon. Hazelnut espresso or something like that

His dinner

My dinner.

Then we went to the movies, it is a movie theater/bar combo!

the movies are cheaper than a regular theatre but they get you will the drinks and food hahaha. I had 2 strawberry daiquiris (we saw 2 movies) big drinking day for me!

Brandon got me this for my birthday! He knows me so well! I am SOOOOO excited to cook some stuff!

No House News but a Great Date Weekend

Hopefully next week I will have a house update for you.

This weekend Brandon and I used a Groupon that I had bought a few months ago to do an escape room. 

Basically they lock you in a room for an hour and you have to try to solve all these puzzles to unlock the door (you are on camera the whole time in case you freak out or something). I wasn’t sure how it was going to go but I LOVED it!!!! It was so much fun! But I love doing puzzles so that is probably why I enjoyed it so much. It was a pricier date at 30 bucks a pop but we both had fun and I think another one will be in our future at some point. Since I had bought this a few months ago we didn’t spend any money today which was nice.

I was starving after words and hadn’t had sushi in months so we went to a sushi place with those tracks where you can just pull things off the conveyer belt. These work great for me when I am starving because you can eat as soon as you sit down, they don’t work great when your boyfriend doesn’t really like sushi and is asking what everything is and you only know some of it.

The 2nd day of our weekend my boyfriend woke up before me (which almost never happens but I got up at 3am to take friend to the airport then came back home and passed out) he went to the store and got everything to make us French Toast! Awesome morning. Then he proceeded to do all the dishes in the kitchen while I laid on the couch and watched Criminal Minds.

Then he was a great sport and took me to see Pitch Perfect 3!!!! Yay!!!!! I love these movies, they are so fun! This one didn’t disappoint and I loved the way that it ended. After the movie we headed home for a quite night of dinner and we watched ‘The Santa Clause.’ It was a great weekend but definitely a more expensive one that we normally have.

Best Boyfriend ever or what?

A full Saturday.

The last two days have been on the warmer side. Yesterday I listened to a book on tape in my car on my lunch and soaked up the sun


Gotta soak up the vitamin D when you can here in the northwest


Got up this morning and dragged myself to spin class


It was a killer class.
Then I met a co-worker at the farmers market and walked away with a decent haul


Snap peas, strawberries, romaine lettuce, garlic cheese and some croissants for sandwiches


I had to taste test everything right?

Then my date picked me up and we went to the zoo!






You are actually pretty close to some of these animals with not much of a barrier, its pretty trippy. I will say I would totally support the animals eating some of the people that were there today. Natural selection, its like people don’t remember that these are real live mostly wild animals.
After that we went to the movies and stuck with the theme and saw the jungle book. It was actually really cute.

Now it is time to pass out. I have no alarms set!!!!! I get to sleep in for the first time in at least 7 weeks!!! I do want to be out the door by about 10am though,11 miles tomorrow!!!! I’m pretty excited!!!!