Book Review

There’s no such thing as bad weather.

Love, love, loved this book. It was so interesting and eye opening. It’s all about how scandanavian countries put a premium on getting their kids outside versus how we do things here in America. There was a lot of data to back up what was said.

I try and get my kids outside daily but this really showed me that I could do more and how used to being comfortable I am.

I also love that the author gives a book reccomendation at the end of every chapter and I plan on working my way through those.

I didnt find it dry or tedious to read, i enjoyed picking it up each night.


2 thoughts on “Book Review

  1. Ooo does it have suggestions for most age groups to get kids outside or is it geared twards little ones?

    1. It gives broad ideas and ways to start just making it the norm. Start with a family walk after dinner everyday or something. If they go outside for a chore set a timer and say they can’t come back in for 10 min hahahah. Have them do some hw outside or read outside. Take an activity you do everyday and move it outside.

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