Tuesday Tangents


How was everyones day?

So i finished Serial season 1 in about 24 hours lol. Today i started season 2 and got as far as they have so far…..now i have to wait 2 weeks for each episode!!!!!

Now I’m listening to




I went for a run tonight. Run 1 min walk 2 min x10


Run calendar


Got new shoes from Amazon!!!


The new ones are the blue ones lol


So i know a lot of people think movie is depressing……but i LOVE it!!!!! I think its soooo sweet. I’ve read the book as well, that is sadder……more sad?

Got Artemis’ new dog food


Hopefully she likes it lol.

Did you workout today?

Where do you come down on the Marley and Me subject?

Is there a movie or book you like that most people don’t?

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