Mid-week exhaustion

This is going to be a short post because i am exhausted and want to pass out.

I did 3 workouts in a 24 hour period and with spinning tomorrow it will be 4 in 48 hours so sleep is vital.

I felt the exhaustion in the pool this morning. I didn’t have my normal stamina and got out of breath faster.


I bought Artemis some bones to chew on


In about 2 hours she ate half of it. Woman’s a beast! My friend B said her dog takes a dew months to eat one!

I was good this morning and got oatmeal from Starbucks instead of the crap i normally get…….


Why have i not done this before?! Its delicious!!!!!

Though when i get back from hawaii i need to come up with a better routine because not just coffee but also breakfast at Starbucks 3+ times a week is a little too rich for my blood.

Ok and now its pass out time.

Good Night!!!!

How was your wednesday?

Have you been working out?

I love hearing Artemis snore lol It is the sweetest sound.

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