A difficult but productive run

Let’s start with earlier today, i had class and lab this morning. In between class and lab I did some HW and went old school on my snack PB&J

Lab today was cool

Our setup looked super complicated. 

When I got home I was desperate for a snack 

Wheat thins and laughing cow cheese. 

Took Artemis for a walk. 

Got back and had lunch

Grilled cheese and an orange. I realized that it had been waaaay too long simce i had an orange, it was delicious. 

I worked on my lab report that is due Thursday then met my friend at the gym at 8. We did strength training for about 45 minutes then ran on the treadmill for 45 minutes 

Running on tired legs is really hard!! This was my first time doing it. But I feel very accomplished. 

I came home and ate my weight in pasta

Artemis enjoyed cleaning the bowl for me

And now I am super exhausted. Sleep time for me.

Have you ever purposely trained on fatigued legs?


I brought my rumning clothes to run at lunch again. By the time i hit a 1/2 mile i knew this was going to suck. My left calf was soooo tight. It hurt!!!

I stopped a few times to stretch it out

At least there are some pretty places around work to run

I pushed and made it to 3 miles. I walked at least 1/3 of the 3 miles

After work i took miss Artemis for a walk

She hasn’t been getting out as much since i have been running at lunch and busy after work. 

After the walk i met my friend at the gym for an easy 30 min strength session. We were both sore so we took it semi-easy.

When i got home from the gym my roommate and i cleaned up the living room. I’ll post picks soon. 

I found my tablet and got it charged so the studying os back on!!

Another accomplished day. And now it is sleep time. Sweet Dreams All!!!

Tasty Tuesday 

Good morning!!!! 

Last night I went home and cooked some food up THEN went to the gym. That was weird lol. There was definitely some bargaining about not wanting to go. 

Meal prep happened 

Making taco boats. 

Also threw some bolognase  (spelling?) Basically meat pasta sauce in the slow cooker to cook overnight. 

Hit the gym for a short swim

Definitely a short swim, I should have done 800m but just wasn’t feeling it and was running out of time. 

Then took my hot shower at the gym since home water is still cold. 

Then home, ate dinner

Freaking delicious!!! And the crunch of the romaine is sooooo satisfying. 

Then off to bed. This morning i was up at the crack of dawn to put the pasta sauce away and head to the gym for AM strength training. On strength training days I end up taking 3 scoops of my protien and greens before 9am. By the time I finish my last shake

I don’t want to see a protien shake again for 2 days lol

As training intensifies to 2-a-days most days I feel like I am living out of a gym bag. 

Have a great morning!!!

Morning commute 

Happy Thursday!!!! I am currently sitting in my car in my parking spot at work rocking out to Darrius Rucker (spelling?) Wagon Wheel before work starts. Just come from strength training at the gym.

Had a great sunrise this morning 

Slowly drinking down my protien shake

Once I finish this is will be 3 scoops in with protien and greens this morning.  

Somehow I always end up with protien powder on my lunch box

Trying to be a little cute today

In all honesty a dress is the easiest clothing choice because it is just one peice instead of a bottom and top and possible 2 part top like tank and overshirt. 

8:16am and I’m almost at 2000 steps, not too shabby. 

How was your morning?

Dual workout and barkbox

Woke up at 3:30 this morning!!!!! Though i laid in bed and played on my phone and cuddled with the dog until 4. Hit the gym and did 20 min the water.


With workout 1 done i changed for workout 2


Spin class.
I knew it was going to be a hard day when i rolled out of bed this morning  and was sore all over from training and running yesterday.
Spinning was good



My waterbottle was at that point where it was starting to get gross so i broke down and out it in the dish washer. Bought gatorade at the gym


My new favorite flavor, glacial frost.


The delicious cheese i think i mentioned yesterday.
Today was ice cream sundae day at work


I tried to be good and not go overboard. The first half was delicous then i started feeling horrible but eat these kinds of sweets so infrequently that i forced myself to finish it and felt bloated and gross for like 2 hours. Old habits die hard.


My new vitamins arrived. I track my food in myfitnesspal and one of the things it has shown me is that i never hit my daily calcium goal so i will start taking these a few days a week to combat that a bit.


Barkbox came today!!!!! I love opening these boxes!!!






It is always interesting to see what Artemis is going to like toy wise and what she is going to ignore. Anything Artemis doesn’t want Jasper, my roommates dog, will eventually adopt as his own.

I am feeling a little lonely tonight. I miss having a boyfriend, i miss having my girls around for dinner dates and coffee dates. I am doing a lot better with my  breakup and getting back out there but some nights i still get really sad and lonely. Mostly when i disappointed by the state of men and dating today and get depressed that I’ll never find someone.
This too shall pass.

Well thats it on my end.

How was your day?

Hump day!

Got up and hit the gym this morning for strength training. Yes i slept good last night. Thank goodness!!!
No auntie tina it’s not the coffee lol. I’m drinking less than i ever have.

The gym was hard but awesome. I’ve lost another lbs!! Woohoo. I can feel the muscles developing and i am loving my body and starting to feel soooo good!.


My gym bag and blender bottle are pretty much a constant in my car these days hahaha.


I went grocery shopping when i was hungry and got Gardettos or whatever that snack is so i limited my portions.


Lunch was tomato, basil, and mozzarella on this delicious bread from the bakery at Fred Meyers. I also got some aged smoked cheddar YUM!!!!

There was still sun when i got home so Artemis and i went for a little walk run


Had the second half of my leftover salmon for dinner


And now its off to bed so i can hit the  gym even earlier than normal because my trainer instructed me to swim AND spin before work.

Night Night!!

Monday Motivation**February 29, 2016



Good Afternoon!!!

Another Monday has come. Sorry i didnt post my weekend wrap-up. I dealt with some drama last night and was just not in the mood to post anything.

Monday- PM run: run 5 min, walk 1.5 min X 6

Tuesday- AM strength training

Wednesday- AM Swim

Thursday- AM Spin class


Saturday- AM spin class

Sunday- AM Yoga, PM run: run 4.5 min, walk 1.5 min X 9-10 (whatever it takes to get to 4 miles.


I am getting my first Stich Fix box this week!!!!! It is supposed to come Friday i think. Here is my referral code if you want to try it!!



Tuesday Tangents

Wooo tomorrow is wednesday then the week is more than half over!!!!

Last night i ran on the treadmill.
Run 3 min, walk 1:30 min x6 but i did it x8 i added 2 to the plan for weight loss



Artemis kept me company



Today was strength training, it was awesome i feel strong but will still be a bit sore.

Full meals have turned into snacks lol like first lunch and second lunch


Today’s running calendar


Didy seed starters today for peppers and tomatoes!!!!!



How was your Tuesday?

Wednesday Wonderings

Good Morning!!!!!!

I spent most of the weekend relaxing and feeling down about my ex who i hung out with Friday night. But i got over it. I spent the weekend on the couch relaxing and bindged on scandal, i am now halfway through season 3.


I opened one of my small coffee samples i bought from Hawaii to try this weekend……freaking delicious!!!!!


I hung some fun motivational quotes in my cubicle to keep motivation all day long




I will continue to add to it.

Tuesday i had a good strength workout and i am a little sore today. This morning i did my swim workout, i am sure as the day goes on i will get more sore hahaha.


I 💗 You Starbucks


Not all the way awake……have a happy hump day!!

What is the opposite of thirsty thursday?

I almost didn’t get up for spin class. I already wanted to go back to sleep then Artemis cuddled up to me and i soooo wanted to skip spin but then i thought about having to tell my trainer i didn’t go and that ill be gone next week so yea….


I got my butt up and went……and wanted to die.  Spin class instructors are sadistic. But they get me to push above and beyond so yea.


Take a moment to enjoy and experience this. ……a completely empty locker room at the gym. For like a FULL MINUTE. This is unheard of at my gym.

Exhaustion does not cover what i feel. 4 workouts in 48 hours. I am so taking tomorrow off workouts. I am still going to bed early even though i get to ‘sleep in’ tomorrow.


They have these for dogs!!!! 3 flavors where on sale at target so i got 1 of each for Artemis to try. Tonight with her kibble she had pumpkin and oat puree. She enjoyed it.

Another thing we must acknowledge


It was not fully dark when i left work tonight!!!!!!!! The light is coming back!!! I am sooo stoked!

How was your Thursday?

Are you as exhausted as i am?

My bed feels like heaven.